10 Easy Knock-Off Decor Ideas Anyone Can Do 

Love the look of designer decor you see in a shop or while browsing online, but can’t justify the cost of the real thing? Try making the decorative item yourself! Here are some ideas for knock-off decor to inspire you so you can turn any room into a stylish space on a budget.

Now that I can get out and about more than I have in the last two years, I am enjoying going to local home decorating and furniture stores on a regular basis again.

Rustic farmhouse hutch. Knock-off decor to DIY

I don’t go to buy, but to browse. I go to come across ideas and inspiration that I can DIY myself. Although, I do usually end up buying something.

On my latest retail browsing trip, I took photos to share some of the decorative merchandise I saw. So many of you ask me where I come up with ideas. Getting out and browsing my favorite stores is one way.

Even if I come across an item I don’t like as a whole, I may like one part of it. I take note of that part and file it away for something to try in the future. I never dismiss anything. I look at every detail, both big and small.

Here are 10 items that got my attention and how you can create something similar yourself.

Individually Frame a Series of Favorite Sayings

small gold frames lined up on a shelf with sayings written on them

Spray paint a collection of frames any color. Type a few of your favorite sayings using your computer, then print out. Cut to size and frame.

Create a Pair of Colorful Striped Canvases

Easy knock off decor to do. Colorful painted stripe canvases on a wall.

Buy stretched canvases at the craft store when they are on sale or with a coupon. Use up craft paint to paint horizontal stripes across the canvas. Look closely – some of the stripes have a mix of colors and the lines are not perfect – so no artistic skills are needed.

Make Small Pom-Poms for a Bed Pillow

Bed Pillow sham with small pom-poms on a bed

Use embroidery floss or yarn to make pom-poms and then attach to a pillowcase you have. You can sew them on to the pillowcase or use hot glue.

Paint Number Canvases

easy knock off decor - number signs

Another wall art idea using a canvas or a piece of plywood. Paint it black. Then paint a large number on it. Add brass corner braces for a finished look.

Painted Furniture Finishes

blue aged painted finish on sideboard

If you see a great looking painted finish on a piece of furniture, take a close-up photo of it so you can use it as a guide to create the look on your next furniture makeover.

Drinking Glasses as Small Vases

Easter flowers in drinking glasses

Single faux hydrangea blooms in an old-fashioned glasses is super easy to do and creates a nice impact on a table top.

Salvaged Wood & Fluted Pie Tins

knock-off wood turned wood post pillar candle holders on a table.

Use either salvaged porch railing parts of buy new turned wood parts at the home improvement store and age them with paint and stain. Attach a rusted pie tin to the top to hold a pillar candle.

Cigar Box Lamp

Lamp base made of cigar boxes.

Even if you don’t want to make a lamp, a stack of cigar boxes looks nice on a table.

Reinforce Your Decorating Style

White table place settings in wood table in Pottery Barn store.

This is kind of a take on knock-off decor. I love seeing the decorating style I use in my own home out in the stores. This tablesetting is at Pottery Barn. I have almost everything on this table, but I bought it all at thrift stores and yard sales for a fraction of the price. 🙂

I am sure you enjoy doing this yourself – getting out and about for some retail therapy to find decorating and style inspiration.

If you do, have you been inspired to make something yourself that you saw in a store? Did you make it?

If you haven’t, I highly recommend carving out an afternoon to do it… and don’t forget your cellphone to take photos.

Happy browsing!

Easy Home Decor knock-offs anyone can do - 3 photos of knock off decor.

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