4 Simple Gatherings and What to Wear to Each (+ Gift Ideas)

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Purple sweater (multiple color options) // Black Ankle Boots // Super High Rise Straight Jeans // Dog Sweater

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Hosting gatherings doesn’t have to be complicated, nor should deciding what to wear to them cause unnecessary anxiety! A few years ago I wrote a book called Simple Gatherings featuring different hosting styles and hosting memorable events. No matter our style or personality, there are simple but meaningful ways to bring people together and make everyone feel more comfortable, too!

Today I’ll share four simple gatherings and answer what might be the most asked question of all, what you can wear to each! Scroll down for gift and clothing ideas below.

What style is your favorite?

Below you’ll find four different outfits (all from Walmart) that you can have in your wardrobe to be ready for a variety of occasions. Some of these items would make GREAT budget-friendly gifts too like the coziest ever sherpa shacket, cute hair clip sets, and cozy socks…perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for yourself to feel your coziest this winter!

Purple sweater (multiple color options) // Black Ankle Boots // Super High Rise Straight Jeans

Casual Themed Gathering:

A fun casual but intentional get-together often incorporates a simple theme, food or activity that helps inspire the atmosphere and reason for the event, such as a “charcuterie board and game night.”

What to wear? For a fun, casual gathering you can slip on some stylish jeans, a pretty sweater, a pair of ankle booties and you’re ready to go!

  • Purple sweater – This soft sweater will be a staple for winter! I love the fun bright purple, it comes in multiple other colors too.
  • These high waisted jeans are really impressive quality and have a nice thicker structured material. They feel like designer jeans but are only $34! They had a raw hem so if you’re shorter, they were easy to cut.
  • Black ankle boots – These have a really comfy memory foam sole. They’ll go with anything!
Cozy Sherpa Shacket // Cargo Joggers // Claw Clip (set of 2, multiple colors)

Come As You Are:

This type of gathering is the most relaxed and can be effortlessly impromptu. People can come over any time or spur of the moment, cozy soft pants are welcome. Order a pizza or pull together something from the pantry. For entertainment, chat and catch up or flip on a Christmas movie and eat popcorn!

Cozy Sherpa Shacket // Cargo Joggers // Claw Clip (set of 2, multiple colors) // Black Crew Neck

What to wear? Cozy is always a good choice for an impromptu invite, but if you have the right pieces in your wardrobe you can look cute and comfy at the same time!

  • This sherpa shacket! Oh my goodness, this is the WORLD’S COZIEST, SOFTEST, teddy bear, comfy as being wrapped in a blanket shacket (shirt jacket). It comes in this pretty ivory or brown. I love the cute button details, collar, and shape on the sides (you’ll see this styled for out and about too later in this post!). Only $16.98. I’m definitely grabbing a few of these for gifts. A guaranteed hit anyone would love!
  • These cargo joggers have a drawstring cinch waist and tighter at the ankles, which make them feel slightly more ‘put together’ than fully loose sweatpants while still being perfectly cozy. They also have front and back pockets. On Court they’re full length (she’s only 5’1) but they’re more ankle length if you’re a little taller! They come in multiple colors, too.
  • Claw Clip – The easiest way to toss up your hair while still feeling cute! This came in a set of two with a lighter pink and a darker mauve pink. They also come in black, white, and brown. Courtney had a few smaller sizes of these claw clips before, but is really loving the larger size for longer hair.
  • Cozy Socks – We always put socks like this in our kids’ stockings. Incredibly soft and perfect for lounging around the house. They come in different patterns and colors so you could mix and match for the family…Courtney got the white/gray/pale pink plaid.
Cozy Sherpa Shacket // Claw Clip (set of 2, multiple colors)
Black Slip Skirt // Black Mule Dress Shoes // Long Sleeve Ribbed Crew Neck Shirt (other colors also available) // Hair Clip // Gold Bracelets

Celebration Party:

This is often an evening party, special celebration or holiday event planned in detail by a hostess with the mostest. Candles are lit and a sit down dinner or fancier appetizers are often served.

What to wear?

You might want to dress up a bit more for a celebration gathering to add to the party atmosphere! Unless the host says a specific attire is requested, a simple black skirt, top and jewelry will help you feel pulled together yet not overdressed. Having these staples in your wardrobe makes it easy to get dressed up so you’re ready and confident for any occasion.

  • Black Slip Skirt – This soft/silky/flowy skirt is so easy to put on and instantly feel ready for a party. It’s cute with a tighter shirt underneath or you could even tuck in a knit sweater for another cute (but still cozy!) look.
  • Black Mule Dress Shoes – These are adorable, I love the pointed toe with the knot detail. Plus they have a really comfy memory foam sole so you can still be comfortable as you run around setting or enjoying the party atmosphere!
  • Long Sleeve Ribbed Crew Neck Shirt – A very soft basic shirt that you can dress up or down. You’ll see this shirt shown with a few other looks in this post, Courtney loved it so much she got it in a few different colors.
  • Hair Clips – Adding a fun hair clip will elevate any outfit to feel pulled together and party ready! These clips come in a set of 10 with a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. They are so pretty and only $8.88 for 10 clips…perfect stocking stuffer any girl would love! There are several sets with different colors and patterns–this is the Black Multi Set.
  • Gold Necklace with White Beads and Gold Stretch Bracelets – two simple accessories that are the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble.
Hair Clip Set (multiple set options with different colors and patterns, this is the Black Multi Set)
Gold Necklace with White Beads – love the dainty delicate details! Set of 2 so you can wear them together or separate // Gold Stretch Bracelets // Green Shirt
Cozy Sherpa Shacket // Black Crew Neck (color options) // Super High Rise Straight Jeans // Black Ankle Boots

Meet up for coffee

The easiest gathering of all? Text a friend to meet for coffee! There isn’t any pressure to clean or prepare food, and bonus, you get to connect one-on-one with a friend.

What to wear? On a crisp clear day, you can feel comfy but still look pulled together enough for a friend selfie in a pair of jeans, casual crew neck shirt, ankle boots and a cozy sherpa shacket!

  • Cozy Sherpa Shacket – If you grab this sherpa jacket you’ll quickly realize you want to wear this everywhere you go, whether it’s a movie night in or out and about. It feels like the softest blanket ever but the details make it perfectly acceptable to wear out (basically a dream come true). Court and I went on a little winter walk by the marina to get holiday coffees and she was snug as a bug in this.
  • Super High Rise Straight Jeans
  • Black Ankle Boots
  • Black Crew Neck
Cozy Sherpa Shacket // Super High Rise Straight Jeans // Black Ankle Boots
Sherpa Shacket

We had to show you a close up of the softness…and look at those cute buttons!

You can also watch a VIDEO we made on Instagram with these looks right here!

Shop these looks (click each graphic for details and more below):

Cozy Sherpa Shacket // Black Crew Neck // Cargo Joggers // Claw Clip (set of 2, multiple colors) // Cozy Socks
Gold Necklace with White Beads // Purple sweater (multiple color options) // Black Ankle Boots // Super High Rise Straight Jeans // Bracelet Set // Purse
Black Slip Skirt // Black Mule Dress Shoes // Long Sleeve Ribbed Crew Neck Shirt (other colors also available) // Hair Clip Set // Gold Bracelets // Purse// Gold Hoop Earrings // Gold Necklace with White Beads

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