4 smart ways to double the storage space in a loft while protecting the insulation

Getting our lofts winter ready is an essential September task, however, this year rising energy prices have made it more important than ever. Our lofts need to work extra hard, helping to cut energy usage whilst also offering a place to stash summer essentials until next year. 

However, did you know that just flinging a suitcase up into your loft could be damaging your insulation by compressing it  and stopping it from working? Fortunately, Loft Leg has a range of products designed to help you increase the storage in your loft without compromising on your home’s energy efficiency. 

1. Create a platform with a Loft Leg

(Image credit: Loft Leg)

A Loft Leg is a great way to create an inexpensive raised boarded area in the loft. When creating extra storage in a loft it is essential to avoid compressing your insulation as studies have shown this can reduce thermal properties by more than 50 per cent. 

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