Don’t put Baby in the Corner…. Sheds come out of hiding and into the spotlight!

Lurking in a dark back corner of many Australian backyards is a tired, overgrown and neglected shed. And it’s easy to see why: many old style steel sheds were already hideously unattactive, even BEFORE they were attacked by the neighbour’s privet and partially caved in by old fence palings and garden debris tumbling on top of them!

In the era of travel restrictions, more pressure is being put on household space, so it’s more important than ever to use every bit of space to maximise our comfort at home. These little dynamos are not only incredibly handy, but this little Aussie Icon has had a facelift, earning it’s rightful place back in the spotlight! Don’t put Baby in the Corner – let her shine on centre stage in your backyard.

Check out three styles to inspire your shed design below:


1. Brighton Beach Box Style


Backyard Brights

This Iconic style looks just as amazing on the beachfront as in your backyard as shown below. Displayed: Aarons Noosa Shed.

Playful Pop

Add a pop of colour to your Childcare centre or backyard play area as shown here – perfect to store your equipment and kids toys! Displayed: Aarons Noosa Sheds.

Creative Kids

Give your older kids a space to be themselves and work on their hobbies or inspire their artistic flair! Displayed: Aarons Glenelg shed with subfloor and single steps.

Rainbow Paddle Pop

This Rainbow inspired option brightens up your tropical oasis, giving a useful place store your backyard tools. Displayed Aarons Bondi shed with subfloor.

2. Coastal Chill


Hamptons Haven

This design reeks of Hamptons chic – Dulux Dewpoint panels and a Pearl White glass sliding door and window make this space breezy and light. Displayed: Aarons Glenelg Shed with subfloor, glass sliding door, shed window and single steps.

Poolside Cool

Give yourself a shaded hideaway while you supervise the kids. This combination brings out both the turquoise hue of the pool and the bold blue sky to make this pool a statement in it’s own right. Displayed: Aarons Surfers Shed with subfloor and double doors.


Aqua Annex

These little guys packs serious storage punch storing backyard cleaning equipment and paints, adjoining one of our Studios. Displayed: 2 x Aarons Bondi Sheds with subfloor, painted in Taubmans Aqua Bay and Lexicon.


Palm Springs

Creating the perfect backdrop for summer drinks on the deck, this shed’s subtle colourway brings a practical element to this beautifully considered area. Displayed: Aarons Manly Shed, elevated with subfloor, painted in Dulux Dewpoint Quarter and Vivid White.


3. Classic and Modern


Industrial Chic

This dramatic colour combination brings depth to its surroundings, and also doubles as a hidden garden retreat! Displayed: Aarons Surfers Shed with subfloor, double doors, shed window and a ramp. Painted in Dulux Hog Bristle and Night Sky.

Side Passage Storeroom

Making use of a disused side passage, this clever solution co-ordinates with the adjoining house to create a “Mini-Me” effect. Displayed: Aarons Portsea Shed with subfloor, painted in Tranquil Retreat with stained cedar trims.

At Home in the Trees

Timber sheds sit comfortably among their cousins (even on unlevel ground), while also bringing the colours of the house out to the rear of the garden. Displayed: Aarons Sorrento Shed with subfloor, painted in Colorbond Dune and Monument.

Aarons Outdoor have thousands of options to allow you to customise the perfect Shed to work with your chosen aesthetic and preferred budget. Contact our helpful team or view our Sheds range online.

Don’t put Baby in the Corner…. Sheds come out of hiding and into the spotlight!2021-07-07Aarons Outdoor

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