Expert reveals how to make the paprika paint trend work in your home

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  • It may or may not have escaped your notice that there’s a new paprika paint trend infusing our homes with a spicy flavour. We’ve spotted this rich, earthy hue – similar to rust and terracotta – popping up a lot lately.

    We asked Little Greene for their advice on executing this hot new paint idea in our own homes.

    Image credit: Little Greene

    Paprika paint trend

    As Creative Director at Little Greene, Ruth Mottershead has the inside track on paint trends. She’s able to see exactly where consumers are landing on the colour spectrum when decorating their homes.

    ‘Over the past few years, we have seen a real move towards warm neutrals that create a sense of calm and comfort,’ Ruth shares. ‘This yearning for warm, nurturing colours has created interest in spicier, richer tones such as Heat, Drummond and Tuscan Red.’

    Tuscan Red (pictured above and below) is a naturally occurring shade that reminds us of paprika. It also transports us to a sunny Florence portico, gelato in hand… Because this pigment has been used to colour paints for centuries, it’s particularly grounding, great for bedroom paint ideas.

    Image credit: Little Greene

    It’s also more liveable and versatile than you might think. As the image above shows, it complements natural materials like the wood of the bench, the metal tap and terracotta pots. It also looks beautiful next to beiges and off whites and looks great on wood panelling.

    Its deep terracotta red tone creates the perfect backdrop to garden greenery. It brings spicy heat to your terrace, patio or outdoor living room ideas. If you want to do some colour blocking, Ruth suggests pairing Drummond with the fresh Apple and deep Dock Blue (pictured below) for a vibrant open-plan kitchen colour scheme.

    Image credit: Little Greene

    For a darker shade that works with paprika, Ruth suggests Pompeian Ash. You can break up the intense colour palette with a splash of Heat, a burnt orange with warmth, depth and optimism.

    We’re halfway through the year and we’ve seen colour drenching, Very Peri, we’ve wondered if green is the new grey. With summer’s arrival, we’re slowing down, taking pleasure in simple things, and looking after ourselves.

    It’s just a matter of time before warm and nurturing paprika shades are all over our front doors, bedrooms and outdoor spaces.

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