Farmhouse Thrift Store Haul – From Facebook Marketplace, Antique Malls + Local Vintage Stores

Yesterday was a really awful day and while the reality of their decision was known, we are still heartbroken. Silence and inaction fix nothing but we all felt that a break from the news cycle and our Instagram feeds were needed. This isn’t something we will be silent about but for today, on this design blog, we are here to be a little escape filled with vintage.

To no one’s surprise I “enjoy” the decorating process more than the renovation process. To be clear, I appreciate the renovation process as it’s more creatively challenging and pushes me further and harder, thus can be more rewarding in the end. But OOF, the decoration and styling process is just more enjoyable. The stakes are relatively low, nothing has to be permanent, and everything is a lot less expensive. As you know I’ve started investing in a few new pieces – an extremely comfy TV watching family sectional, our perfect dining table, and our special counter stools, but if I can find the right thing that’s vintage, I WILL buy it. On the weekends when I feel overwhelmed with the renovation and want to “have fun” I jump on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, head to the antique malls, and even have a few pickers shop for me. So here are some of my latest scores…

Post Modern Pine Chair And Nightstand

Look at that chunky little monkey. This chair and matching nightstand were by far the splurgiest FB marketplace thing I’ve bought thus far. They were $500 for both (including delivery) and the only reason I felt ok about it is because I had been eyeing many that were similar on 1stDibs at 4 times the price, many in Europe which could cost a lot to transport (and I do want to be careful about ordering from so far away for carbon footprint reasons).

These two are generous in size (bigger than a kids’) and once stripped, sanded, and sealed will be a pretty light pine like our nightstands at the mountain house (which were much more expensive). I obviously love the rounded legs and while this is a trend, I feel very comfortable buying this trend in a high-quality vintage piece rather than a new mass-market piece (nothing wrong with that, but this is my preference). Here are similar vibe options: This one is a modern option, this is a budget-friendly option, and this one is a cool vintage set option:)

The Aged Planters

Big heavy planters are expensive, so when I find unique ones like this I JUMP. These were $225 each which is also splurgey but I could see them so perfectly in the kitchen patio area. Paired with a taller-footed gentleman and perhaps my 7′ wooden bird sculpture, these feel so happy and whimsical, especially in the winter months.

The Vintage Basketball Hoop Inspired Chair

I was drawn to this immediately because it looked playful and so fun. We were shopping after Mother’s Day brunch, forcing my children to come along after 2 mimosas obviously, and when Charlie and Elliot saw this they both freaked out. I sat in it, ensuring comfort and it is really comfortable! Way more than most sling chairs, actually. It was $245 and worth it, IMHO (and no, I rarely try to bargain with vintage dealers as I know that their profit margin is slim already and I have the budget to pay in full. Urbanite gives designers a 10% discount which is lovely). If you are into postmodern design, follow THNGS on Instagram and see what they are collecting. They are out of Portland and it’s all my kid’s dream furniture.

Vintage Metal Garden Table

What you can’t tell from this photo is that the dark paint underneath is the perfect blue. I loved those chunky round legs (again) and could picture it in not one, not two, but THREE different places making it a worthy versatile investment (kitchen patio, next to our bathtub, as a plant holder in the sunroom). I believe this was $115, again not cheap, but LOVE.

Tromp L’oleil Ghost Table

I told Annie, from Shop Wilma that I was shopping online for a ghost side or console table and a few weeks after that, lo and behold. She was about to have a sale that day so I snagged it for a cool $700 which is actually a deal as they are on 1stDibs for $4,500. Of course, they are being knocked off now which sucks (and is understandable) but the real ones do look better.

Scallop Console Table

I bought this the first week we were here for around $100 including delivery. I had ideas of making it a bathroom console, cutting out for the sink, but it’s pretty shallow. I bought it anyway because it’s so cute and I have plans to paint it a fun or dark color.

Blue Architectural Swing Lamp

Sixty bucks. Cute color. Not sure where it’s going to go but likely a kid’s room.

Popsicle Lamp

This is a very specific movement that some of us are VERY into. So into, in fact, that they go for $2500 on 1stDibs. So I told Annie (Shop Wilma) that I was desperate for one, she texted me a month later, finally finding one for $285. Still a lot for a lamp, but they are hand made from, you guessed it, popsicle sticks in a tramp art type of way. This one isn’t perfect (dusty and maybe janky) but there is still something so whimsical and rebellious about them. To take something so elementary (popsicle sticks) and painstakingly turn them into works chic lamps through such engineering precision is really special.

Antique Maple Dressers

Elliot wants “SO MUCH COLOR, RAINBOW, AND UNICORN EVERYWHERE”. So to help foster her creativity (without literally committing to it), I am buying used furniture to experiment on and she has to help do it. If she wants a hot pink dresser, we’ll paint a hot pink dresser TOGETHER. Like me, she needs to understand the work that goes into making something, and not just willy-nilly get what she wants. She wants drawers of different colors and I’m not going to custom-make something like that for her. Instead, we are going to do it ourselves. So again, these dressers are our experimental pieces and I’m SO excited to do it together. They were both $200, including delivery.

This is more vanity sized, but look how sweet that scalloped shape front is. Love.

Mid-Century Art Desk With Storage

So this is where I might have really gone too far. I was so excited about this desk where the wheeled chair (that birdie is sitting on) pushes in flush. It has so much storage (underneath her seat and on the side) and she is OBSESSED with it. It’s been 5 months and she does art at it most nights. My plan was to paint it, but I did the “can you deliver it for $20 today” thing where I didn’t inspect it (it was $60). Upon further/later inspection it is not exactly super well made. We can still paint it (thinking a light color) but the outside is not solid wood so it’s never going to be this crisp awesome piece that I had envisioned when I found it. I still love the idea of it, but not sure I can strip and paint it to make it as good as it was in my head when I found it.

Head to stories to see more videos of this haul and if you have any other popsicle lamps, wicker ghost tables, Jacob’s ladder or Irish square quilts – hit this lady up.

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