Favorite Things Friday: Chickens, Cozy Bedrooms, & An AC Unit

Hi friends! Happy Friday. This week was a doozy. Not in the fact that it was busier than any other week, but in the fact that we are finding new routines & going through a season of change. I talked more about it in my Instagram stories & on my recent Instagram posts if you want to read more about that. The good news? I am feeling my inspiration coming back & I have a feeling we will get all our big projects [or some of them] rolling very soon. We have actually been doing a lot behind the scenes as I have taken a slight break from socials and the blog. I can’t wait to share all the things! Well, I did share one thing we got a few weeks ago this week on the blog..

  1. We got chickens here on White Cottage Farm! We are so excited to be growing our farm & we can’t believe we took this long to get chickens, but we are ready to learn & enjoy the beautiful new faces here on the farm. Cope has already enjoyed doing his daily “chicken chores” & that’s been really cool to see. You can read more about our chickens & see more of them [HERE].

2. I blogged my scroll stoppers on Tuesday & was really drawn to cozy bedrooms this week. Check out the post out for bedroom inspiration & to find other creative accounts to follow and be inspired by. You can see all those cozy bedrooms [HERE].

3. I had fun rounding up floor fountains for you guys this week as I had showed one on my Instagram I got at Target over the weekend for 50% off & so many wrote to say they loved it. The Target fountain wasn’t available online & so that inspired me to find 30+ cozy garden floor fountains in case you were looking to add some charm to your outdoor spaces. You can see the post [HERE].

4.In super exciting news: we got an ac unit for our bedroom! & the best part? It’s a pretty window ac unit. I saw this baby as I was scrolling tik-tok one day & I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I finally decided to spend some gift cards I got on it & I have zero regrets! It’s only been a day with it, but there are already a lot of loves: It’s quiet, the air blows out of the top so it’s not directly blowing at you, it’s remote control/bluetooth control/panel control, It’s aesthetically pleasing, & did I mention its quiet? I’ll post more about it later, but this is for sure a favorite thing Friday!

5. Last, but not least. Friday Finds! I took a break for a couple weeks & so it feels good to be back. I love gathering my finds from the week for you guys in hopes that it inspires you in some way. I made a big change to my posting for now. I did a survey a week ago and asked what posts you guys wanted me to keep the most. They all had a lot of votes, but shockingly Tuesday Treasures had the least votes. Tuesday treasures was me gathering antiques from around the Internet weekly & sharing them with you. Friday Finds was all new items & beat Tuesday Treasures. So, I decided for now I am going to combine the two and have new & old in my Friday Finds. I can’t get rid of the antiques guys! I hope you love this change & find it inspiring. Here are the links to this week’s finds:

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