Furnishing Your Home Can Be Fun and Super Safe!

We believe nothing should stop you from furnishing the home of your dreams. And that’s exactly where we come into the picture. At Furlenco, we’ve taken some safety measures to ensure you get exactly what you want safely and efficiently. 

Take a gander at some of our on-going initiatives:

1. We take hand hygiene seriously

We always wash our hands with disinfectant soap before we enter the warehouse and then at regular intervals throughout the day. Our delivery staff and champs also undergo daily temperature checks before starting the day.

2. We sanitise our furniture and appliances

All our furniture and appliances are cleaned, sanitised with an alcohol-based solution, and then packed immediately.
We really want you to have something that’s not just a great addition to your house but is also absolutely safe to use.

3. The trucks are sanitised too

Yup, you read it right! All our delivery and pickup trucks are sanitised before leaving the warehouse and even after they get back. Plus, the warehouses where these trucks are parked are sanitised too.

4. We practice social distancing

While delivering or picking up furniture, we always maintain a safe distance from all our customers. 

We even practice it in our office. Now, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss hanging out with our colleagues. We’re humans too! But we understand that safety comes first. So, social distancing is our best friend right now.

All of us at Furlenco understand that such safety measures are the need of the hour and we are doing our bit to keep ourselves as well as others safe. 

Read up more on our safety initiatives here

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