Go Compare People’s Choice Awards Home Insurance winners revealed

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  • The Go Compare People’s Choice awards 2022 have revealed the best home insurance providers in the UK across a range of categories according to customers. Both NatWest and Nationwide proved the value of their home insurance scooping up outstanding awards across the board.

    The People’s Choice Awards is a new consumer-led award from the comparison website Go Compare. If you’re looking to invest in home insurance it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re still working out what home insurance covers. However, the awards have been designed to focus on customer experience and help people choose the best provider for them.

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    ‘Home insurance can be an emotive purchase – after all, you’re protecting your home and everything within it, so getting the right product is really important,’ says Hannah Isitt, home insurance expert at GoCompare. ‘From your gadgets to your furniture and even the plants in your garden, home insurance is there to provide peace of mind when the worst happens.’

    ‘The awards have been developed to help guide people through the market and, having been compiled from a survey of over 20,000 people, the results are pretty robust. While you don’t want to overpay for your home insurance, it’s good to review what’s out there and make sure that you don’t skimp on the cover as it could cost you more in the long run.’

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    Each company was measured across eight pillars including customer satisfaction, claims handling, renewals and trust. The results were based solely on the vote of the consumer to determine the quality of each insurance provider.

    Here are the winning Home Insurance providers who received ‘outstanding’ in each pillar:

    Go Compare People Choice Awards 2022 – Home Insurance

    Best providers for trust

    This pillar was determined by home insurers that consumers felt provided the UK people with the utmost confidence that their insurance policies, for buildings and contents insurance, have the consumer’s home protection top of mind.

    • Nationwide
    • Natwest
    • NFU Mutual

    Best providers for satisfaction

    In this category customers rated home insurance providers with how satisfied they felt with the overall service they received.

    • Nationwide
    • Natwest
    • NFU Mutual

    Best providers for customer service

    These are the People’s Choice for the home insurance companies that go above and beyond with their customer service.

    • Nationwide
    • Natwest
    • NFU Mutual

    Best providers for claim experience

    Claims are usually the most difficult part of choosing home insurance. The winner were all selected for having the best experience when managing customer claims.

    • Dial Direct
    • Privilege Platform
    • Saga

    Best providers for recommendation

    Potentially one of the most telling categories, these were the companies that participants said they would most likely recommend to friends and family.

    • Aviva
    • Nationwide
    • NFU Mutual

    Best providers for rewards

    The UK people recognised these three home insurance providers as not only offering excellent perks but also felt the rewards offered by their insurer were truly valuable.

    Best providers for renewal

    These providers were those that provided the best experience when renewing home insurance policies. This was due to either the speed and ease of the renewal process, value for money, or the peace of mind they provided.

    • Nationwide
    • NFU Mutual
    • Policy Expert

    Best providers for innovation

    These companies one an outstanding accolade for being seen as innovative and technologically advanced. They are using the latest technology available to provide outstanding service and product innovation.

    You can see the full results of the awards on the GoCompare website. Next time you’re renewing your home insurance bare these winners in mind.

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