How to Create a Comfortable and Ergonomic Space Working from Home

Whether you work in a large office or spend hours working from home in your very own office, you should have the correct furniture within the room to help both your physical and mental health. It doesn’t matter if it is the company you work for or yourself buying the furniture, the ergonomics of the room must be right and follow certain rules to ensure your health and safety isn’t compromised.

If you do work in a corporate office then it is the company’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is set up in the correct way. Everything from the seat to the room you are in needs checking and if you have any questions then you would be able to clear up your concerns with your employer.

If you work from home and have an office area already, or perhaps are thinking about setting one up, then make sure you buy the right furniture in the first place. Initially when buying a desk and a chair, make sure that you can pull fully into the desk. You should sit straight up in your chair and it should be able to swivel. There are lots of office chairs that would provide you with this support. Your feet should touch the floor, with your arms comfortably resting upon armrests and also upon the desk at a 90 degree angle.

You should also make sure that your window is positioned to the side or in front of you, if it is behind then you will get the glare onto your screen which isn’t good for your eyes. With the desk being at the right height for you to sit at, it usually means that the monitor or laptop will fall shorts of your eye level. If this is the case then you should make sure you buy a laptop stand so that your posture stays in the correct position and you do not put strain on your neck from looking down all the time.

As well as the window position, you must make sure you always have enough light in the room. If it is a lovely sunny day then the natural light through the window should be enough, however if it is dull the room should be properly illuminated with ceiling or wall lights. So go through each component and check it will create the right environment, getting everything set up correctly to begin with will save you a pain in the back, neck and wallet!

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