How to turn your bedroom into a Pinterest worthy space



There’s a certain intimacy about bedrooms that make a safe, yet gloriously dreamy space. It’s where we detach from everything else to relax and surround ourselves with our dearest dreams, quirks and secrets. Without any effort, this space represents who we are. But, with some effort, this space can turn into our abode of inspiration and rejuvenation.


Today, we list some ideas on how to turn your bedroom into an enigmatic space for your thoughts and your photographs.


Bedroom Essentials

First, let’s discuss the most essential furniture in the bedroom to cover all your basic requirements. As much as you want to make it look like the ultimate bachelor pad or the royal bedroom, you first want to make sure you have all the essential bedroom furniture to make it functional.


  • The Right-Sized Bed: We have been suckers for the queen size bed forever! The size is just perfect for a couple to snuggle. It doesn’t take up too much of your floor space, and if you’re the sole owner of the room, this bed is all the luxury you need to stretch and roll and enjoy your sleep the way you want! The Amigo Queen Trundle is best suited for young families or newly married couples to set up their brand new space. However, for the single folk, we suggest the neat Pod, which is a complete machine in itself with a 32-inch mounted television, Bluetooth connectivity, 2.1 channel speakers, a charging station, and an adjustable reading light too. 
  • Must-Have Side Tables: Many times neglected, the side table is an absolute essential. Trust us when we tell you, it just makes life easier. It can be used to keep all your nightly requirements from moisturisers and night creams to even your medicine box. You can keep your night-time reading collection there for easy access, and perhaps some candles to set the mood! Your recommendations for a good bedside table are the Linie and the Pico. While Linie is a modern design that marries wood with metals, the Pico is a classic wooden piece of furniture.
  • Diwans and so on: For bedrooms that are multi-purpose spaces, and used for work, parties and just as a living space, we recommend a diwan. This piece of furniture is perfect, especially in shared accommodation settings, where you want to make your private bedroom feel more spacious. The diwan also adds a very folksy charm to your space, bringing in a rather relaxed vibe. It can also be used in living rooms to add to the seating arrangements. 
  • The Crib you need: Young parents! Let us tell you why you need that crib – It gives your child his or her own space, where they can have their toys, and they can fall asleep as they are playing. It is safe, for those moments when you’re not able to have an eye on them. And, most importantly, it saves your bed and space from being encroached upon. And you know how much you need your space when your baby is young. The Bao is a package of a beautifully constructed crib, a storage unit for your baby’s things. 
  • Wardrobes and Cupboards: Of course, you need a wardrobe in your room to store your personal items, but the things to keep in mind while choosing the wardrobe, is to see how it fits into the scheme of the room, considering the floor space, the colour of the walls and the other furniture in the room. In any approach to decor, we suggest you get wardrobes that match your bed. Here, our combos Bordo Queen Bed with Ebony Wardrobe and Vitello Queen Bed with Lana Wardrobe are the easiest options.


Now that you have your essentials in place, it’s time to take it up a notch and turn this space into the Pinterest worthy bedroom you’ve been dreaming of! There are never-ending ways to decorate your bedroom. You can go for a full-blown theme decor or add little trinkets to brighten up the space. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into any bedroom to make them 


  • Wallpapers: Wallpapers are just what you need when planning your room decor. They are easy to execute, pocket-friendly and the options are endless. You can add wallpaper to just one wall to give your bedroom a makeover. This wall will then become the central element around which the rest of the elements in the room are planned. You can even add smaller panels along the bed or table to give it a creative edge.
  • Decorative lights: Decorative lights are the way to go for just about any bedroom. You can choose from a wide array of options that include – string lights, bottle lights,  battery-operated candle lights, table lamp shades, ceiling lampshades… the list can go on. Choose the kind of lighting that world for the electric lines in your room. As for string lights about the bed, or around the mirror, all you need is shook to hang them, and you’re set!
  • Wall Decor: We believe that the wall decor in any space should speak about its dwellers. So trends aside, choose artefacts, posters, and paintings that reflect your personal style. Also remember, you’re the one that has to see it every day, so it has to be something you enjoy. Our suggestion here is to choose that the colour scheme of the variety of items is complementing and that you don’t overdo any specific wall with too many items on display. Minimalistic is the mantra here!
  • Assorted Pillows: Pillows are the easiest and most effective way to add vibrancy to any space. Get pillows in a range of sizes and shapes and colourful covers to brighten up the room. If you’re choosing block covers, you can have one of two pillows with bling or a patterned cover. However, if your covers are design-heavy, we suggest assembling them by theme – either by colour, or geometric patterns, design motifs, fabric, etc. 
  • Creeper and Flowers: Now who wouldn’t want to wake up to the exotic sights of blooming flowers and lush greens? There are select plants that work well in a bedroom setting, either alongside the window or on the bedside table. The English Ivy is the perfect plant to place next to the window. The leaves are attractively shaped and the pot will not take up too much space. Succulents like Bamboo, Jade and Syngonium next to the bed will purify the air, and add that magic element for your photographable moments.
  • Memorables and photographs: Everything that brings joy to you have to be part of your room. Be it photographs or memorable trinkets. You can hang your photographs along a string with some lights to make a corner dedicated to your favourite trip with friends and or family events. To this corner, add some candles, pebbles or handmade frames and you have yourself and Pinterest worthy spot!
  • Throw Blankets: Throw blankets are all the rage for all the right reasons. Leave it at the foot of your bed and you’ll instantly add an elegant touch to your regular bedroom. They are as useful as they are stylish. You can use it to wrap yourself with it when you’re sitting and reading your favourite book or listening to music on a cold night. Knitted throw blankets are light as they are not necessarily meant for sleeping, but just to keep warm or snuggle. You can go with plain pastel ones or patterned boho designs to suit your room. We’d say keep both 😉
  • Linen: The curtains and sheets in your room are essential decorative items. Always go with a light, flowy curtain that allows movement of air and light. And we all know what better lighting means – better pictures! Floral can never go out of style, but we suggest you go with small prints and sparsely populated designs, since they will stand the test of time in terms of style. Plain curtains do a fabulous job too, so when your room is intricately designed with multiple pieces of wall art and floor furniture, go with plain curtains to bring in the subtlety. For those with eclectic style, another great option is going geometric with your curtains and your bedsheet.


Ultimately, just remember to have fun with your room! Take time to specifically put together the furniture in your room and make it user-friendly. And as for decoration, follow your bliss. Don’t be in a rush as Rome was not built in a day. Draw inspiration from everywhere and execute what suits your room and mood with utmost care. 


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