My Favorite Pretty And Practical Kitchen Accessories From Our Farmhouse (That Would Make Excellent Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Cooking + Design)

I could style this kitchen a billion different ways (and likely will) because I LOVE pretty kitchen accessories and I love styling 🙂 A good kitchen accessory and some thoughtful styling can make any simple kitchen look soulful and warm. In fact, it’s my thesis today that I think that all of these are an excellent gift for anyone who loves to cook and loves good design. Full Stop. So today I’ll talk about my favorite pretty yet practical (for the most part) kitchen accessories and link up a lot of current options out there in case you are in the market (or have someone on your list). Now many of my favorite pieces I’ve had for years and truly tried not to buy too much new (did you see my prop storage closet?) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t window shop and see what is out there. So here, friends, are my favorites that are available for you.

Oil Decanters

Left: Glass Vinegar + Oil Cruet | Glass and Brass Cruet | Right: Simple Oil & Vinegar Cruets

I once longed to be the kind of person who decanted things into other things, and now look at me. While I do love some labels of pretty oils we try to buy more in bulk so decanting (and then staring at these oil cruets) makes me so happy. Win/win.

1. Felipe Glass Cruet | 2. Oil Decanter | 3. Cilindro Colored Glass Cruet | 4. Oil Bottle | 5. Nuevo Oil Cruet | 6. Dine Oil + Vinegar Set

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Salt and Pepper Grinders | Salt and Pepper Shaker (unavailable)

I bought these which work great and are super pretty, but after we shot I kinda wish I had bought some with more of an interesting shape. Of course, they are near the bottles that are very shapely so I think the photos turned out well, but there are such pretty ones on the market.

1. Orb Grinder | 2. Earthenware Salt and Pepper Set | 3. Hammer Grinder | 4. Atlas Brass Mill | 5. Modern Salt Pepper Grinders (Set of 2) | 6. Spice Mill

Bud Vase

Black Bud Vase (unavailable)

Get a bud vase and some dried flowers (Ecovibe and Bloomist have great ones) and put them anywhere for an instant dose of happiness.

1. Gohobi Handmade Ceramic Zen Vase | 2. Kaya Striped Ceramic Cup | 3. Melanie Abrantes Hardwood Bud Vase | 4. Seminyak Vase | 5. Lab Vase | 6. Modern Arched Ceramic Channa Vase



It’s the shape. I just love the classic round shape of a pitcher, with a handle that makes me smile. I have SO MANY. I use them for vases and sculptures more than actual pitchers, honestly. But there is this old-world magic to a pretty ceramic/pottery shape with a handle.

1. Black Novah Pitcher | 2. Glass Pitcher | 3. Porcelain Pitcher | 4. Amisha Pitcher | 5. Stoneware Pitcher | 6. Stoneware Pitcher

Cookbook Holder

Cookbook Stand

Now the key here is making sure that there is something to hold the pages down. I am not a tablet recipe person, I like dirtying the books, making notes, and reading off real pages. A cookbook stand and your favorite cookbook (might I suggest Clean Soup? Sarah Adler’s book?) is a great gift for a budding cook.

1. Adjustable Book Tablet Stand Holder | 2. Finlay Cookbook Holder | 3. Bamboo Book Stand

Cutting Boards

Left: Round Cutting Board (unavailable) | Right: Maple Cutting Board with Groove

We have our practical ones that we love, but in this kitchen, I use this huge one all day every day almost like a countertop. It’s not too heavy (some butcher blocks are so heavy and make washing in the sink very cumbersome). We gave our babysitter two years ago a “soup starters kit” which included a dutch oven, a cutting board, a cookbook, and a really good knife. It was a big hit. 🙂

1. European Cutting Boards (Set of 3) | 2. Butcher Block Cutting Board | 3. Round Bread Board | 4. John Boos Maple End-Grain Rectangular Chopping Block | 5. Walnut Cutting Board | 6. Wood Cutting & Serve Board

Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels (unavailable)

We have our gross dishtowels, of course, but for the ones that hang out on the range or dishwasher you want one that is a bit prettier, less terrycloth, and more linen or cotton (bonus points for fringe or tassels).

1. Striped Japanese Linen Kitchen Towel | 2. Fog Linen Tea Towel | 3. Turkish Hand Towels (Set of 2) | 4. Stripe Dishtowel | 5. Tea Towel | 6. Essential Kitchen Towel (Set of 2)

Kitchen Art

Left: MaryAnn Puls Abstract | Right: Seascape (vintage)

You all know I love decorative elements in the kitchen that maybe don’t make as much practical sense, but goodness they add soul. I have vintage seascape and MaryAnn Puls abstracts. If you have the wall space (even on tile or on a shelf) don’t miss the opportunity for good art.

1. Seascape Original Oil Painting | 2. Drop the Ball by Keren Toledano | 3. Grapefruit in a Glass Bowl | 4. LEMON #8 Art Print | 5. Stick of Butter Still Life Print | 6. Squiggles by Camille Pietrow

Good Glassware

Middle Self: Pink Coups (vintage – similar) | Flute Glasses | Tall Coups | Wine Glasses
Bottom Shelf: Copper Mugs | Tall Glasses | Short Glasses | Blue Glasses | Beer Glasses

Pretty (a good) glassware can add so much personality to a kitchen if they can be displayed. I really love the look of mixing everyday glasses with special glassware and new with vintage. And don’t be afraid of a little color. It gives the overall look more dimension and they are more fun to drink out of:)

1. Night + Day Glasses | 2. Red Striped Holiday Glass | 3. Miguel Glasses | 4. Estelle Colored Glass Rocks Glass (Set of 6) | 5. Aldo Short Stem Wine Glass | 6. Esme Fluted Wine Glass

Ceramic Colanders


There’s just something so special about a ceramic colander but they aren’t necessarily on everyone’s “kitchen need list.” That’s why they are such a great gift. They’re perfect for displaying but also are totally functional. Another win/win!

1. Berry Garcia Colander | 2. Small Brown Reactive Glaze Berry Basket Colander | 3. Glazed Colander | 4. Ceramic Colander | 5. Ceramic Handmade Stoneware Colander | 6. Ceramic Colander

Kitchen Lamps

Lamp (vintage)

Living room elements, like lamps and mirrors, give an unexpected quirk to a kitchen (especially if you have the counter space). They need to be small obviously and ideally vintage, but we rounded up a few newer ones that we love. We leave these on as nightlights (we don’t have undercabinet lights since we don’t have upper cabinets) so something small and sweet is best.

1. Accent Lamp | 2. Edie Table Lamp | 3. Bibelot Wavy Black Metal Mini Table Lamp with Rattan Shade | 4. &Tradition Verner Panton Flowerpot Table Portable Lamp | 5. Sullivan Table Lamp | 6. Muse Table Lamp


Mirror (vintage)

Mirrors are like really quiet art that adds a bit of unexpected magic and are easy to collect. I hoard them and have started hanging or leaning them around the house. They add almost zero busyness while making a space feel more special.

1. Small Mid-Century Modern Italian Mirror | 2. Arched Metal Frame Mirror | 3. Vintage Bamboo Mirror | 4. Victorian Bamboo-Framed Wall Mirror | 5. Antique Wood Mirror | 6. Arch Rattan Wrapped Mirror

So those are some of my top kitchen styling accessories and I truly can’t wait to continue playing around in my kitchen. Hopefully, this inspired you too and maybe crossed a person or two off of your holiday gift list. xx

Kitchen Resources:
Cabinetry: Unique Kitchens & Baths
Countertops: Bedrosians Tile & Stone
White Oak Windows and Doors: Sierra Pacific Windows
Skylights: Velux
Tile: Pratt + Larson
Appliances (sans Fridge and Freezer): Build with Ferguson
Fridge and Freezer: BlueStar
Flooring: Zena Forest Products(Oregon grown and milled)
Lighting, Switches, Outlets, and Sink: Rejuvenation
Wall Color: Sherwin Williams, “Extra White” .
Faucets: deVOL Kitchens
Vintage Island: Aurora Mills
Counter Stools: Fernweh Woodworking

Rug: District Loom
Brass Gallery Rods: Pepe and Carols

*Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM
**Styled by Emily Henderson
***Photos by Kaitlin Green

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