My Recent Vintage Haul…And A Few Peeks Around The House

One of my favorite things about Portland is all the vintage stores. There are a lot and they are GOOOD. They aren’t crazy cheap or anything but just well-curated. So when I’m missing Lake Arrowhead or realize I haven’t left my house in 5 days, I pop over to one of the antique malls and remember that despite feeling like we live in the country we have a whole city of cool stuff 13 minutes away. So today I have some recent vintage finds for the house…

Antique Victorian Lampshades

As you can see we are finally pulling together Elliot’s room. I found these shades at the antique mall and fell hard for them. I bought the red/pink one first and then kept thinking about the green one. I originally wanted to swag one over the craft table in the corner but when I showed it to her she was like, “let’s do both over the bed!!” Then I showed her the green one and she squealed and I’m such a sucker for that squeal. They will be oversized, but how cute are they???

Back to the shades…then we thought maybe doing both in the corner, like so 🙂 I need to get them rewired and a long chain added then I’ll figure out where they can go.

Pink Sweatshirt | Pink Sweatpants

By the way, our kids are LIVING in these velour/micro-fleece matching tops/bottoms. They aren’t PJs but totally could be. They come home from school and put them on like cozy house clothes. They are just extremely soft and cozy (Sweatshirt and Sweatpants – both $12. Charlie has the camo version).

Vintage Mirror

This floral mirror I thought would be so cute painted. It’s fine as-is but feels like a good opportunity to make it brighter (and much easier to paint than a dresser – I’m slowly trying to convince us that if we have enough color in other places we don’t need to tackle a major paint job). She wants to paint the roses a bright white and the leaves green, but I think the whole thing in one poppy color will pop off the wallpaper better.

Hot Pink Quilt Topper

I bought that quilt topper on Etsy as it’s the only quilt that she loved (most pinks are more muted and mauvey or more “baby” as she says, but this hot pink is awesome). So I’ll likely pick a backing fabric and sew it together (or drop it off to get sewn). Pretty darn cute.

While shopping with her we found these two pieces of art that we both LOVED. The dog is a needlepoint and the little floral guy is an oil painting.

I’m not sure where they are going to go yet (and pretty sure the rose is supposed to go vertical. They were both pretty affordable (under $20).

The Family Room Seascape Wall

I’m currently still trying to make the wall color + sofa color work in the family room and I found these paintings that are doing the trick. I’m not totally convinced that the color will stay, still, but I’m going to keep collecting these moodier night seascapes (I call them moonscapes), and then once I have 7-10 of them hang them all and see if that does it for me. All three of these were from local vintage shops (the large one was a steal IMO at $270).

A Weird Planter

Lastly, how awesome is this planter???? She’s big, too (probably 2′ tall). I want to put a larger tree in it but I love it against the tile and have a big plan for the corner of this room by the windows (not where it is now). It’s arts and crafts, handmade, and was $100 which is a good deal for its size. I’ll have to put a liner in it of course. Also, I’ve been collecting awesome plants and I don’t know what this is but it’s so sculptural and cool. Look at me keeping it alive!!

That’s it for now but expect more. Infusing the vintage into the house has been giving me bursts of happiness. The challenge for me is always to keep it looking elevated and not like a thrift store, but I think through the color palettes and buying nice quality vintage it’s working. xx

If you are curious, here are all of the room sources:

Birdie’s Room:
Carpet: Dorsey by Stark Carpet in steel
Windows: Vintage, original
Window Treatment: Decorview
Wallpaper: Shumacher Baudin Butterfly
Trim Color: Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin-Williams
Closet Door Color: Upward SW 6239 by Sherwin-Williams
Outlet Covers: Rejuvenation

Family Room:

Sectional: Rejuvenation
Wall Color:
Ponder SW 7079 by Sherwin-Williams

Outlet Covers: Rejuvenation


Tile: Pratt + Larson
Wall Color: Extra White SW 7006 by Sherwin-Williams
Flooring: Oregon White Oak by Zena Forest Products
Outlet Covers: Rejuvenation

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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