Spring Inspiration for Charming Yard and Exterior Spaces!

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Spring is in the air where I live (with the occasional slip back to winter vibes with a rainy gray day mixed in, of course). But the sunny days are getting longer and warmer, so that makes me so excited to start exploring ideas for our new yard! This will be our first spring here so it will be fun to watch the plants and trees and begin to dream about what we want to do with the space we have.

That’s not my house in the photo above, but it sure is cute, isn’t it? I love the whole mood there, so I’ve saved it in my inspiration folder. I’ll share some posts on my own exterior and yard soon so you can see what we have to work with and of course, I’ll be sharing what some of our plans are already!

If you were with me through the outdoor transformation (and all the drama, ups and downs!) in our side and backyard in our last home, you probably remember how much I loved creating and watching those spaces come to life (see our yard photos and befores and afters here). You can see photos from my old yard and home in my new book, A Lovely Life, too. That book will be released later this spring and offers inspiration for creating a lovely life in every season!

We have similar dreams for our new home to add small gardens, gates and areas to sit, etc like we did at our old home, but since this yard is much smaller to begin with so it should be able to evolve and reflect our vision more quickly!

The impact of each change in a smaller property like we have now will be more apparent early on, so that makes designing our yard extra exciting for me. Plus, we already have two porches/decks as well as plans for a third, so while the property itself is smaller than our last one, there are plenty of spaces to work with. As a lover of small garden spaces. I can’t wait to get started!

In the meantime, these photos are giving me all kinds of inspiration for spring and summer projects. Enjoy (and find links to lots more spring inspiration below).

Spring Inspiration for Charming Yard and Exterior Spaces!
Photo: BHG. This one reminds me so much of our new yard–we have a small gas firepit area very similar to this!
Spring Inspiration for Charming Yard and Exterior Spaces!
Photo above from my post on Seabrook Beach House Curb Appeal, see more of these homes here!

Here are some resources to help inspire you for spring!

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Spring Inspiration for Charming Yard and Exterior Spaces!

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