Spring/Summer 2022 Interiors by Broste Copenhagen

Do these colors resonate with you? I love the green walls with the raw wood beamed ceilings, and the candle colors, shown above. I also really like the cream sofa – it looks so cozy and warm.

Here is a little color psychology 101 from the London Color Institute in case you’d like to know a little more about color:

RED – Red attracts the most attention and is associated with strong emotions, such as love, passion, and anger. It’s the color of strength, power, courage, and danger. Red is vibrant, stimulating and exciting with a strong link to sexuality and increased appetites. Red is energizing and exciting, motivating us to act. It can also give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in willpower.

ORANGE – This is the hue of encouragement, optimism, and self-confidence, marking the extrovert. Orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange can inspire courage, enthusiasm, rejuvenation, and vitality. It can also have a stimulating effect, particularly on the appetite. It can also be a sign of pessimism and superficiality.

YELLOW – Yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect, resonating with the left, logical side of the brain. It is creative, the tone of new ideas and new ways of doing things. Post-it notes and legal pads were invented in yellow for a very good reason! Being the lightest hue of the spectrum, yellow is uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness, and fun. It’s a warm and happy color that creates a sense of cheerfulness and playfulness, brightening people’s spirits.

GREEN – Green is of nature, of balance and growth. It is restful and secure, symbolizing harmony, healing, and stability. It also represents security and self-reliance.

BLUE – Blue is the color of trust, serenity, and peace. It suggests loyalty and integrity as well as conservatism and predictability.

PURPLE – Purple is the color of imagination and spirituality, inspiring high ideals. It can be creative and individual or immature and impractical. It is also an introspective tone, allowing us to connect with our deeper thoughts.

Please visit the London Color Institute (this page) to read a very extensive report on each color – it’s fantastic! The above is only a small portion of the body of knowledge on their site.

Have a lovely day!



(Photos: Broste Copenhagen)

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