Style Scouting: Vol. 124 – In My Own Style

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

There’s nothing like a new year to get you thinking about how you would like to spend the year ahead. I do love the excitement, creativity, and optimism a blank calendar page brings.

Over the holidays, I thought about 2023 as the year to get back into my “rhythm” after the last six months slowed me down a bit. I am back to being able to take my daily 5-mile walk and do Pilates again in my fitness/game room.

I also felt that I didn’t want to rush into anything just to have something to post about.

Maybe it is my age, the fast changing online environment or even the state of the world. After reading this quote “calm the mind so the light of wisdom can shine through, I knew I was going to put the rush of the holidays behind me and take my time to allow the month of January to evolve slowly instead of jumping right into posts and projects.

January, as a whole, can be focused on resetting, getting into the groove of a routine again, and taking the time to find inspirations and make it all meaningful.

I do have ideas and even in my slow mode, last week I did organize a cabinet that has been a jumbled mess and now makes me smile. I will be posting about it this week. So stay tuned.

Now onto the inspiring links I found this week.


Old money decorating ideas that will add character and color to a home.

After Christmas decorating ideas.

What fun to have photos of your home how it looked 100 years ago.

Best decorating trend EVER! I read this about interior design trends for 2023:

With the lines between different decorating styles blurring, you’re welcome to create your own take on any decorating style you prefer, leading to a more personal approach to interior design and home decor in 2023. YES! to decorating in your own style being a trend! 🙂


I couldn’t get on board with the ” butter board”, but I think this is perfect idea for a cozy dinner in.

This salad looks delish!

This cozy and yummy winter soup.

Reading & Watching

Do you use the Libby app to read books? My local library recently switched to it from the Overdrive app. If you don’t use Libby and enjoy reading – it is so worth finding your local library and getting connected.

I read the books on my Kindle. Ed reads on his phone.  And don’t forget if you are an Amazon prime member, you get free books to read each month that you can read on the apps and your phone. I just finished and enjoyed, The Maid and Night Angels.

Looking forward to this… Did you read the book, All the Light We Cannot See? It is one of my favorite books. I am so excited that Netflix is making it into a movie!!! Should be coming out soon.

Fun & Interesting

I have been in front of the Ritz hotel when in Paris, but never saw the inside. Here is a fun peek to see what the famous hotel actually looks like inside.

Your January horoscope.


If you are looking for ideas on how to declutter and organize your house, don’t miss browsing through the many Organizing projects and ideas that may help you tackle your clutter.

Something to Think About

If you enjoy taking a daily walk for exercise – here are a few questions that will help with self-reflection as you walk.

What does taking a rest really mean.

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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