Seoul National University South Forest Research & Education Center / TAAL Architects


Hideout House / Pranala Associates


Grid Lines Boundary Pavilion / SIM Studio


Kokubunji Apartment / waiwai | ArchDaily


Yangmei Rest Area / Betty Chou Architect & Associates + Chin Ying Hao Architect


Higham Road House / Philip Stejskal Architecture


Fat Deer Lodge / Cushing Terrell


Perry House / A for Architecture


The Ryokan Manly House / Dform Project


Blade House / Tecture | ArchDaily


Ashui Pavilion / HML Architecture


Mies 412 House / AToT – Arquitectos Todo Terreno + IDERO


Rain Curtain House / Room11 Architects


Patio House / Jonathan Canetti Architecture & Design


South Yarra House / Pop Architecture + Beatrix Rowe Interior Design


Bennington Farmhouse / POST Architecture


Cachóns Passive House / ARROKABE Arquitectos


Barn and Multipurpose Warehouse / Mariel Suárez


The N M Bodecker Foundation / Skylab Architecture


Puerto Varas School Kindergarten / LAGAR Arquitectos


Casa Espera / AToT – Arquitectos Todo Terreno


Articulated Boxes House Refurbishment / Paralelo Colectivo


Get In Get Out Installation / CLB Architects


Accessory Dwelling Unit Re-Think / Yeh-Yeh-Yeh Architects


Five Shadows Residence / CLB Architects