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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the current floorplan of homes is being taken over by the ever-so-versatile broken-plan look. 

A perfect mid-point between traditional separate rooms and modern open plan living, broken-plan allows you to have those quiet moments when needed, without feeling like your family is closed off from one another. However, the trick is finding the perfect way to divide up your space without compromising on light or style

New from Origin is the groundbreaking OI-30 Internal Door (opens in new tab). This contemporary design is bound to be a design favourite for years to come. 

(Image credit: Origin)

The Origin OI-30

Traditionally this sort of door was made from steel, but the prohibitive pricing meant that most of us would never consider one. The OI-30 is instead made from a steel-look aluminium frame, offering the chic aesthetics and slim sightlines at a much more affordable cost. 

In fact, starting from £1,400 you can have your frames, glass screens and installation all included. As for the look you can create? Well that’s completely up to you.

(Image credit: Origin)

Design your door

We all have different homes, needs and tastes, which is why we love how easy Origin makes it to create a bespoke piece of your own.

You can choose as many or as few glazing bars as you like to work with your style. Usually, more bars work for a traditional space, and fewer for a more contemporary look. But that’s not all – you can choose just about every feature.

Want extra privacy? Working with your chosen installer, you can choose frosted or reeded glass instead of clear. Have an awkward area to work with? Choose the right option for you. From French to single doors and fixed screens, you’ll also have the option of combining these and a corner post to create a whole new space. Everything from the size, to the handles is up to you, meaning your one-of-a-kind door will be sure to work perfectly in your space and for your life.

(Image credit: Origin)

Family friendly

As much as we all love beautiful additions to our homes, boisterous family living might put you off investing in a statement piece like the OI-30. But it can cope with much more than you think. 

The powder-coated aluminium means it can handle the vigour or family life, and kickplates and solid panels can also be added for extra protection. Plus, the industry-leading 20 year warranty should put your mind at ease.

So make sure you visit Origin (opens in new tab) to learn more and to find your local installer. And don’t worry about being overwhelmed – their network of third party installers will guide you through the configuration options, glazing and glazing bar options, handle options, maximum panel sizes, and more. Happy door designing!

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