The Link Up: Emily’s Latest “Can’t Put Down” Romance Novel, Ryann’s Helpful Sleep/Focus Aid, And A Great Nude Heel That Comes In A Variety Of Shades

Welcome to the last Sunday before the Henderson’s move into…THE FARMHOUSE! Even though it’s just the family moving in (duh), it feels pretty surreal that this day is almost here. Not sure how much Em is going to be able to share given that moving is never not stressful and VERY time-consuming, but we would suggest keeping your eye on social for any and all updates:) Until then let’s get into the links!

design by carrie hicks and paul lamb | photo by douglas friedman | via architectural digest

This week’s house tour is a real love story between the old and the new. Designer Carrie Hicks fell in love with a 1926 Tudor-inspired house in Austin, Texas for her and her family. The only issue was that it needed a lot of love. So with the help of architect Paul Lamb, he restored the original structure while adding on a modern addition that was inspired by Carrie’s favorite architect, Mies van der Rohe. Paul said it was definitely a challenge to have the two styles work together, but that’s the kind of thing he loves. Check it all out here.

design by carrie hicks and paul lamb | photo by douglas friedman | via architectural digest

From Emily: It’s a joke amongst my friends that I like movies with a lot of “almost kissing” (chemistry-induced tension with so many butterflies – i.e Felicity and Ben). So I found this end-of-summer coming-of-age beach read so sweet, nostalgic, and romantic. I read a LOT of these summer beach reads to varying degrees of approval, but really really enjoyed this one (I find that in this genre many times their first book is my favorite because they’ve spent years on it, then once its a hit they have to force out one a year if not more). Anyway, Every Summer After by former editor, Carley Fortune (local and Kindle), is hard to put down and a lovely little escape. Is it predictable? Sure. It’s why I love the “happy ever after” genre – I have zero anxiety reading them and it’s 100% “feel good”. Anyway, congrats Carley on the shift from editor to author (another rom-com trope I love).

From Caitlin: I was on the hunt for an investment-worthy pair of wedding heels (the Steve Madden sandals with the ankle straps that literally every basic woman in her early 30s owns are no longer cutting it, y’all) when I stumbled upon Rebecca Allen, an awesome brand that makes nude shoes in AN ACTUAL VARIETY OF NUDES! (I’m Nude IV, in case you were wondering.) I fell in love with these and while I wasn’t able to get my size in time, I can’t recommend them more highly – if you’re ever on the market for a high-quality and simple pair of shoes, CHECK THEM OUT. (Added bonus: they’re a Black-owned brand!)

Also From Caitlin: I know that at least one of you HAS to work on the business side of TV, so I’m putting a very selfish plea out there: can someone please pick up Joe Pera Talks With You? It got canceled a few weeks back after the three sweetest seasons of all time (like, you thought Ted Lasso was earnest and kind? This is way better!!!) and it’s such a loss. If you’re not familiar, this is my all-time favorite bit (who hasn’t been this excited about a song? The bells at 2:24 make me cry/laugh every time) and this video will put you STRAIGHT to sleep (in a nice and intentional way – the Bengal tiger bit is SO FREAKIN’ SWEET, too). I pay for way too many streaming services but would happily add another into the fold in exchange for more Joe Pera:)

From Ryann: One of my most shameful habits is that I HAVE to watch TV in order to go to bed. It’s awful and I know it’s not good for my sleep hygiene but anytime I try and break the cycle I toss and turn for hours as my brain refuses to shut off. My husband does not approve of this habit at all and this week he learned about an app called Endel and suggested we try it out. This app is supposed to have the best sleep/relaxation sounds backed up by science (whatever that means!!) so we tried it out. It definitely helped me relax as I read in bed and eventually I did fall asleep to it! Huge win. I will report back if it ends up curing my unhealthy habit but I also will say that there are focus sounds that I use for work and LOVE. So if anything, I am getting good use out of this app daily to help me stay focused throughout the day 🙂

Did y’all see Rashida’s backyard refresh yet??

From Mallory: I HAD to share my favorite new glassware I’m very much obsessed with. I love them so much because they’re double-walled so they don’t have a lot of condensation & are easy on furniture if you’re not using a coaster, plus they’re insanely beautiful and fun to drink out of (I have them in amber). I posted a tiktok video about them the other day and everyone over there agrees with me.

From Jess: Space space dwellers this one is for you! I had been wanting a medium-sized cooler for a minute and finally decided to just get one. How else was I supposed to transport three wine bottles to my cousin’s bachelorette weekend for immediate consumption upon arrival?? The one I found is $30, holds 30 cans (soda, beer, hard seltzer – dealer’s choice) with ice, and is collapsible for minimal needed storage space. I also love that it has a comfortable shoulder strap as opposed to a lot of the hard plastic ones. It’s just a solid practical buy for those picnic and beach days. 10/10.

Thanks for another great week and see y’all tomorrow! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Carrie Hicks Paul Lamb | Photo by Douglas Friedman | via Architectural Digest

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