The Link Up: Emily’s Stylish Windbreaker, Caitlin’s Favorite Wide-Leg Jeans (On Super Sale) & A New Online Store We Love

Hello friends! Welcome and Happy Easter to those who celebrate. But it’s also Sunday so you know what that means. It’s link up time! Let’s hop (get it?) right into it, shall we?

Today’s home tour is home of TV producer Shonda Rhimes and goes to show when you are the showrunner, creator, head writer, and executive producer for 18 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy you might just get a dreamy NYC apartment like the one above. But TV credits aside, this home tour will have you embracing chinoiserie wallpaper, pops of yellow, and ornamental accents in no time.

From Emily: I’ve been “windbreaker” shopping for a while, looking for something that is a thin layer, with pockets, that doesn’t look schlubby or too athletic. Found it   and love it. It feels cool and stylish, has huge pockets, and nice details. Comes in a few colors (I wish more). Size down (I’m wearing an xs and I’m a size 6) but I don’t want to layer anything bulky underneath it, so if you do I guess get the normal size. Also, it’s not a rain jacket (says the reviews) although I’m sure it can handle sprinkles. But for those of us who go on long walks and don’t want to be weighed down but still want a layer, this jacket is awesome.

From Ryann: It seems all I ever recommend lately are jeans and makeup products, and for that I am sorry. But not that sorry apparently because I have two more coming your way. First, these dad shorts that I am never taking off. I feel like I am living my middle school dreams because I can finally afford Abercrombie, and their whole rebranding has really gone in my favor. These shorts are stupidly good. They actually have legroom and the perfect rise and length. Again, never taking them off. Next, I have to recommend this bronzer. I left my makeup bag at my parent’s house 3 weeks ago so I have been facing the world (very bravely I might add) without any product. But when I had an engagement dinner to go to, I wanted to prime my face a little but wasn’t going to buy all new makeup. Long story longer, I was looking for a bronzer but also wanted a little blush and found just that in this incredible product by Benefit. It’s basically bronzer, blush, and highlighter all in one and it’s GORGEOUS. I put it on my cheekbones and high points of my face and it just gives the best color. It instantly became a new fav. 10/10!!

From Jess: Fashion designer Carly Cushnie just completed her first interior design project and it’s beautiful! Airy, elegant, and very Parisian-inspired which you know has a big piece of my heart. Also, Caitlin is UNSTOPPABLE with her trend predictions. Do you see those murano glass pendants?? Go take a peek:)

Also From Jess: As I said last week, I went on vacation and part of that was on a beach:) And I don’t know about you but my hair loooooovvvveesss to tangle at an Olympic level, especially after I go swimming. So when I was at Sephora, before the trip, I snagged the mini version on this leave in conditioner and it was a dream. I honestly might get the full size for regular use.

From Mallory: I met a cool new friend who works at this amazing store…their stuff is vintage-inspired and INCREDIBLE. Plus the founder comes from the family behind Amsterdam Modern. Definitely check out both, they’re the design lover’s dream stores 🙂

From Caitlin: My favorite wide-leg jeans are on super sale right now!!! If you have a butt and/or wide hips and you’ve also struggled to find a pair of wide-leg jeans that aren’t tight on your thighs and then wide everywhere else, THESE ARE THE ANSWER. I linked up the wash that I own and it’s such a good everyday/relaxing weekend jean. I took a nap in them last week (on purpose!!!) – THAT’S how comfortable they are. A million stars from me!

Opener Image Credit: Design by Michael S. Smith | Photo by Michael Mundy | Via Architectural Digest

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