The Link Up: Em’s $8 Pantry Org Dupe, Jess’ No-Fail Holiday Gift Idea, And Our New Favorite Fun, Fast-Paced Card Game

Happy Sunday! So now that it’s officially November are you “team Christmas time ASAP” or “team whoa! let’s all wait a sec, Halloween was a second ago.” I feel like we are 50/50 over here (Mal and Caitlin are already spinning holiday albums:)). Whichever team you are on, we hope you had a good week with another fun one coming up. Oh and if you live in the US and haven’t voted yet PLEASE go vote! This is such an important election and among so many important issues, women’s rights is absolutely one of them. We have to fight to protect them. Ok, so until then just sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s links.

This week’s house tour (not pictured above) is a treasure trove of architectural features and soul. But the story of this home is even more amazing. In 2018, Xan Balding bought back a beautiful home that was actually built by his parents in the 70s and that he partly grew up in! The staircase and the arched windows might be our favorite parts but you need to go see it and read the whole story on The Design Files.

From Emily: I’m deep in pantry org and styling mode and want it to be A. functional/smart/not annoying and B. nice looking. I can get so sucked into buying expensive accessories like that and did indeed buy these chip clips from Hawkins New York (a nice local company to support) but they were 3 for $18 and I don’t really need multiples of the coffee clip. So upon further internet research, I found these which are actually more functional, more affordable, still cute, and GREAT.

From Jess: My cooking adventures are still in full swing. This time I “helped” make a Middle eastern-inspired seared salmon Cous Cous bowl with tzatziki, and roasted tomato sauce with my friend on Halloween (I was only in charge of the tzatziki…baby steps). It was sooo good. As she was doing most of the cooking and explaining the process to me, I was snooping through her things, and naturally, my eyes went straight to this bottle of olive oil. My expert home chef friend thinks it’s a really good product and a great value for the price. Plus it’s less messy since it’s in a squeeze bottle! They are having a sale now so if you are curious this would be a good time to try. This would also be a perfect gift for either the home chef in your life or anyone who is hard to shop for. Add some Maldon salt to the mix and I promise it’ll be a home run. I know from experience. P.S. Add some fresh bread and that’s a perfect housewarming gift too:)

Also From Jess: Another item from this delightful dinner were the bowls we ate from (see previous dinner photo). They were the new Midi Bowls from Our Place. They are pretty, simple, durable, AND their Midi Plates can act as lids since they perfectly stack on top of the bowl. So smart! They also come in four other colors. 10/10.

From Albie: Last year I was introduced to Rainbow High by my mini — it’s an MGA series on YouTube that also streams on Netflix. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this show makes my inner child as happy as my actual child. To date, she has 16 of the dolls… and trust me there are a lot of dolls! Here’s what I’ve been loving lately — their latest season features a singing competition that includes Rainbow High, its sister school, its rival school, and some international exchange students. It’s very much giving a reality tv competition show. With it, they’ve released a World Tour Bus & Stage Playset and it’s already on the mini’s Christmas wishlist. It’s exactly how it sounds — a tour bus that converts into a stage — and my inner child loves this kind of imaginative play… and so does my real child. As a kid, I had BIG dreams of becoming a choreographer and going on tour with Aaliyah and Janet Jackson. I would’ve loved being able to have a playlet designed to help me play out these dreams with props & things specifically for that… not just dancing dolls around on a table. If it’s half as detailed as the Rainbow High Dollhouse we got her last year, this set may just be the perfect addition to her collection. 

From Ryann: I have a brand new card game for all you word game/charades-loving people out there. It’s called Featherbrain and it’s a fun quirky card game that is perfect for game night. It works like this: The player whose hair is the most feathered reads the first card. All other players compete to win the card. The card will have the players doing something like guessing a word that the card reader says backward, guessing two words that are spelled the same minus the first letter but sound completely different, or acting out something ridiculous. The card reader chooses the winner and the winner reads the next card and so on. It’s fast-paced and fun and depending on who you are playing with, really funny. 

From Mallory: If you’re looking for a restaurant quality dinner that’s EASY and COZY I have just the thing. The most delicious dish I have ever made is this lemon date chicken and it could not be more perfect for fall!! It’s by my favorite chef Alison Roman (she has awesome YouTube videos every week if you’re interested you should subscribe). It’s one-pot which makes clean-up easy and the date/lemon/shallot sauce is to die for. If you’re going to make this I HIGHLY recommend adding white wine instead of water (it makes the sauce way more flavorful) and I like to use bone-in skin-on chicken thighs because I think they work best with this. Let me know if you try this out!

Well, that’s it from us today so see y’all tomorrow xx

Opening Image Credits: Home of Jayma and Adam | Styled by Erik Kenneth Staalberg and Emily Edith Bowser | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp
 | From: The New Design Rules

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