The Link Up: Em’s New Favorite “Everyday Dress”, A Caitlin-Approved Back Stretcher/Massager, And The First Item On Our Halloween Decor List

Happy Sunday, everybody. It feels really good to be back. There’s so much we have planned and are excited about as fall comes barreling towards us. At least us Californians are ready for it to because that heatwave was extremely ummm, extreme. A cool breeze may make us shed a big happy tear. But today is also a significant one. One that may never feel normal but that’s probably not a bad thing. There are likely very few readers who don’t have a visceral memory of September 11th. However, caring for those we know and those we don’t is one of the best ways to continue to honor the memory of the people we lost. So with that, let us shift to a pretty heartwarming story…

design by nate berkus and jeremiah brent | styled by dorcia kelley | photo by kelly marshall | via architectural digest

This week’s home tour is none other than the old/new 5th Avenue townhouse of Nate and Jeremiah. I know we are a little late to the drooling party but we were OOO! It’s not our fault! This is one of the sweetest home-buying stories we’ve heard in a minute. You definitely need to head over to AD to read the article and watch the video but a wonderful story very short, Nate and Jeremiah lived in this townhouse from 2013-2016, before they were married, before they had kids, right at the beginning of their lives together. If you haven’t read it or have stared at all of the photos now is the time!

the dress

From Emily: This is new(ish) dress I wear ALL of the time. It’s definitely a splurge but the quality, cut, and comfort are all just so good. I throw it on to go to the grocery store, to pick up the kids, to go out to dinner – it’s great for so many things and makes me still feel put together with low effort. These are the kind of pieces I can keep for years and years. So if you have the budget, I can’t recommend it enough. Here are two budget-friendly options that have a similar vibe – this one and this one.

From Jess: If you need a new podcast and haven’t listened to Celebrity Book Club with Chelsea Devantez I highly recommend it! Each week she and a guest reads and analyzes a different female celebrity memoir. It’s fun, interesting, sometimes sad, but overall a great listen. SO happy to have a new fun show to binge!

Also From Jess: I know this is kinda specific but I have a wood stain color recommendation. I FINALLY finished (with a couple more tweaks needed) my media cabinet bench (sorry, no sneak peeks yet:))! Picking the stain color was a huge feat. I bought six colors to try. I’m a bit annoyed with myself about the excess and I want to figure out where to donate them to. Any ideas? Anyway if you are looking for a beautiful warm deep brown (mid-century modern vibes) check out this one from Home Depot. If you are a first time staining don’t be like me, watch this video FIRST.

From Mallory: I thrifted some super cute yellow pinstripe fabric napkins that look just like this and I am SO inspired to have an “end of summer” dinner party…imagine these with a clam pasta and some white wine!! I love the idea so much & have never thrown a super fancy dinner party…what else would you guys pair them with???

We got the sweetest email from a reader and had to share! It’s these kinds of emails that make our absolute days. All we ever want is to inspire people. From Linnea: “My husband and I inherited a small wooden chest that held CDs from my parents. It had intricate black iron pulls that weren’t really our style, but when I saw your organic brutalism post, I was inspired by the Lulu and Georgia dresser and decided to attempt my own DIY! I bought 12 4×4 wooden circles from Joann for $.99 each and some wood stain (and used a coupon of course!) for a grand total of $30. I stained the circles, removed the old knobs from the chest, and used some woodworking tape to put the new circles on and we now have a budget organic brutalism piece in our living room!” Doesn’t it look awesome!? Linnea, thank you so much for sending these photos to us<3

From Caitlin: OH MY GOSH. I am SO EXCITED because I’m coming in hot with a GLOWING review of something that I really think could help my fellow back pain sufferers!!! (Or, like, anyone who wants to stretch out their back – but truly, this is game-changing if you struggle with chronic pain.) I’ve been getting targeted ads for the Chirp Wheel for years, but could never justify the splurge as I already had a full suite of foam/body rolling products (you can kinda see some of them on the bottom right!). I WAS SO FOOLISH, GUYS. I spent five minutes on the 12″ wheel and the relief was IMMEDIATE – my upper spine was popping like Rice Krispies (AMAZING) and once I was satisfied and feeling a little looser, I spent some time really focusing on my lumbar spine with the smaller and more targeted wheels. There’s a channel/groove in each wheel for your spine and so I feel like I’m really targeting all the tension on both sides of my bones – it’s AWESOME. Sometimes I can feel my back tightening up when I spend too long sitting at my computer or when I’m waking up in the morning – a few minutes on the wheels makes SUCH a quick difference for me (and it feels so good that I want to do it, too). It’s kinda like a Swedish massage – there’s some pressure and tension that you need to breathe into and tolerate, but you can really feel your muscles stretching. I know how frustrating it can be to be so hyperaware of your back pain and to feel like it’s going to be locked up and tight forever, so this has been such a pleasant surprise!!! I highly recommend the four pack that I got, but I find myself turning to the 10″ and 12″ wheels most frequently. (If you also grab 4, here’s the rack!) I hope this helps – fingers crossed it can make a difference for you, too:)

From Ryann: I have been seeing this candle, or a version of the candle, all over TikTok for the past 2 weeks. I have never seriously decorated my home for Halloween but my moody living room could easily be transformed into a witchy dark academia Halloween vibe which sounds very fun. So yes, this cute candle definitely piqued my interest but now the question is do I go all out and fully decorate? I definitely would want to make it feel elevated and cool if that’s at all possible?? I’m thinking grown-up Harry Potter meets Dead Poets Society. Thoughts?? (I am clearly using you all to tell me yes so I have an excuse)

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That’s it from us today. Have a good rest of your Sunday and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent | Styled by Dorcia Kelley | Photo by Kelly Marshall | via Architectural Digest

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