The Link Up: The $24 Cozy Jumpsuit Em’s Kids Won’t Take Off, Mal’s Chic Coup Glasses, And Our Favorite Pants

Happy New Year!!!! We hope you all had a wonderful celebration and are taking it as easy as possible today. We are officially back in the office Tuesday and we can’t wait to see each other’s sweet faces on Zoom. Right, ladies?? Ha. So since it’s only day one of 2023 let’s keep this brief and drive right into the first link up of the year!

This week’s home tour is in fact a TikTok famous apartment in Melbourne, Australia designed by Josh Jessup and Matt Moss. As you can imagine it’s full of bright colors, wild pieces, and SO much creativity. We think that this apartment is a great lesson in having fun with your interiors because your home should make you smile and maybe even laugh, right? Is that our 2023 motto? Check out the whole place on The Design Files.

From Emily: The $24 coziest velour sweatsuit our kids are living in, like all day every day. Brian does most of the shopping for the kids and he came back with these sets that are micro fleece and stupidly soft. They love them so much that they beg to wear them to school which I have a problem saying no to (as someone who also likes to live in comfortable clothes). They sleep in them, spend all day in them, and even change from school clothes into them when they get home. Charlie likes the camo set (top + the bottoms are just gray) and Birdie has the hot pink (top + bottoms). We are actually going to buy another set to last us through the end of winter. They are sold separately btw.

From Mallory: I finally got these CB2 coupe glasses that I’ve been eyeing forever and I am in love with them! I got them as a gift and they are perfect (also hint hint if you need a good gift idea, consider these for the martini/coupe glass lover!) Hot Tip: I keep them in the freezer and pull them out when I’m ready to serve my famous dirty martini. They feel so fancy and luxurious. Could not love them more:)

Also From Mallory: It’s time to introduce you to my new favorite hot sauce brand, Tia Lupita. It’s UNREAL good and the ingredients are so clean. I love the salsa verde and habanero flavors so much. If you’re in need of some hot sauces or if you’ll be enjoying Christmas tamales, grab these (they’re in most grocery stores!)

From Ryann: These flare leg pants are my new party pants. I bought them in-store on a whim a month ago and had no idea how much I would end up wearing them. I’ve already worn them to many a dinner, a concert, to parties, and I am definitely planning on wearing them on Christmas Eve with a small heel and a cute top. They are very flattering, COMFORTABLE, and slimming if you are into that and go with pretty much everything I own. And only $18! Run don’t walk!!

so many fun colors!

From Caitlin: I just discovered Shiny By Nature, which is an affordable AND sustainable clothing brand that’s specially designed for women with big hips and butts!!! (I KNOW. UNREAL.) I grabbed a few pairs of their wide-legged corduroy pants on sale back in December – the colors are so fun and vibrant! – and now I’m absolutely obsessed. If you’re on the hunt for great, cheery basics, I EMPHATICALLY recommend checking them out. I really can’t wait to wear these all year round!

From Albie: Two years later and I am still dining table shopping — can you believe it? Now to be fair, I haven’t been dining table shopping this entire time…mainly because we have one…it’s just not a very good one. Our current dining table arrived damaged two years ago, with a hole right in the tabletop. Since it’s still functional, I’ve just always thrown a runner over it & called it good. I recently resumed my search, however, and fell in love with the Cross Fixed Table from DWR. It’s about a foot longer than we’d like, however, I am obsessed with this beauty. Since I can’t have the table I desire, I do plan on tablescaping & styling it for the season. You know the saying… dress for the table you want lol. 

From Jess: If you are looking for soft leggings for activities like yoga, pilates, reading, or watching TV, I HIGHLY recommend these from Girlfriend Collective (my favorite leggings company). I originally got these on Black Friday and have been living in them since they arrived. I normally go for their high-waisted compression leggings, which I still love, but wanted to try something different. Also, I DIG the red color! I wore them with this bright red hoodie to my friend’s house and everyone loved them. 10/10

Ok, now go enjoy the rest of your day and see you all Tuesday!! xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Ben Medansky | Styled Velinda Hellen and Erik Kenneth Staalberg | Photo Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: The New Design Rules

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