The Link Up: The Cookbook Emily Tried (And LOVED) 9 Recipes From In One Week, Caitlin’s Affordable Dry Skin Cures, And A Great Sweater

Happy Sunday everyone. For us, this was a really exciting week because we got to reveal Em’s wonderful pantry. The team was equally taken by it and are SO excited that in less than a month we all get to fly up to Portland to see the whole house in person! Until then we, like you, will just happily enjoy all of the exciting updates happening as they come. Ok, link time:)

This week’s home tour is a STUNNING example of how to bring mid-century modern into 2023. The colors at rich, the patterns are classic, and the vintage is to die for. This 1961 beauty got incredibly lucky to get homeowners that were able to restore it with such care. Go look at it now on The Design Files!

From Emily: OH BOY am I excited to tell you about this cookbook. Yes, it’s all plant-based (and I was recently told I’m very intolerant to dairy) but I find her recipes incredibly satisfying. I’ve made 9 of them so far (which is a lot in one week) and they are so fresh, delicious, and it’s not a lot of tofu or faux proteins (which are fine, but I really just mostly enjoy vegetables, not trying to replicate meat). There are a lot of ingredients (herbs, spices, variety) in each recipe, which to you might sound annoying to make, but it yields a far more delicious meal. Specifically the kale chips, the charred broccoli “gnocchi,” and the glow salad. Laura Wright has clearly spent a lot of time developing these recipes and her hard work is very appreciated by me.

From Mallory: Here is the deal of the season: I went to Madewell last week and they were doing an additional 40% off their sale section and I found a SCORE. It’s this sweater, guys. I’m so impressed by the quality (and was originally $110) but is now OVER HALF OFF at $50!! I bought it in green but they also have it in black, white, camel and pink. Highly considering buying another color it’s that good.

From Caitlin: Hello from your lizard-skinned internet friend! If you also suffer from eczema (or you’re just feeling more dry and scaly than you’d prefer), I have two game-changers for you: this $15 hypoallergenic soothing body wash (it literally used to be called “eczema calming body wash,” but it’s been rebranded to appeal to the masses) and this $27 targeted eczema body balm. I was diagnosed with eczema as a kid and living in LA has definitely calmed it down, but I still tend to get VERY patchy during the winter. That said, these two products take me from “rough and uncomfortable” to “soft and well-moisturized” in a REALLY impressive amount of time (like, there’s a noticeable difference after the first shower). In all honesty, I’m not crazy about either of the scents – they’re not bad or medical or spicy, just…weird? Like a product that’s trying to be unscented, but still has a smell, if that makes sense? But they both work SO  that I find myself turning back to them year after year after year (seriously – have been buying and using them since 2017!). Hoping this recommendation can help someone else, too!! 

From Ryann: This is my favorite notebook and I have probably purchased 200 notebooks in my lifetime. I started doing morning pages a few months ago (i.e. I write three pages every morning to start my day) and this is the perfect size notebook for that purpose. I love that it doesn’t have a super hardcover so it can lay flat while I am writing. The line spacing is perfect and this may sound looney tunes but it just feels good to write in.

From Jess: Tell me why it took me until 2023 to get a salad spinner?? I think everyone should have one. I’m embarrassed about how wasteful I was in attempting to dry my leafy greens and herbs with…paper towels. I KNOW THAT’S TERRIBLE! But I am a new woman after using my friend’s salad spinner last week. We decided to prep a bunch of our week’s food together and I am giving it a 10/10! I hate prepping food. It’s boring and takes me forever. So to get to hang with a friend and batch chop and roast things made it so much better and I actually cooked every one of my meals this week. I’m as surprised as you are. She had this one which is great and a little more affordable for the size, but it has a hole in the top that you need to be careful of so you don’t get your finger caught. It happening to my friend. I don’t trust I that won’t have the same fate so I opted for this smaller one! No holes for accidental finger catching and easier for me to handle. So if I have a big batch of lettuce I might need to do a few rounds but that’s worth it to me so I don’t have yet another large, annoying thing to wash. Plus the smaller one is great for herbs too! If you have a big family, don’t mind washing a larger sizer, or simply have a dishwasher (dreams!) then this is the larger version of the one I bought. Now that I have a salad spinner, I might be unstoppable.


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Ulta: It’s the Love Your Skin Event! They are offering 50% off a new selection of skincare products every day through January 21st.

That’s it! Have a great rest of your day and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM | Photo by Kaitlin Green

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