The Link Up: The Coziest $17 Sweatshirt Birdie Won’t Take Off, A $12 Practical Home Upgrade, Plus Some Ways To Help Ukraine

The events that have occurred this week are absolutely terrifying and heartbreaking. We are saddened by the devastation that has hit Ukraine and will be sharing some resources throughout this post for ways we can do our part and help. Our hearts go out to the people that have been so tragically impacted by this, and we’re watching very closely with hopes this gets resolved as soon as possible. We’re sharing our regularly scheduled link up this week, but know that our hearts are with the people whose lives have been lost and those who are amidst a very scary and devastating environment. Here are some ways we can help:

Revived Soldiers Ukraine

This organization funds medication and medical supplies for field and army hospitals at the front lines of eastern Ukraine. Revived Soldiers Ukraine was founded in 2016 and has since brought 50 wounded Ukrainian soldiers to U.S. hospitals for care. Donate here.


Savelife is a nonprofit that provides material and technical assistance to the Armed Forces in Ukraine, as well as indirectly influences the Armed Forces and other state institutions, strengthening the capabilities of the army and developing society as a whole. Donate here.

Voices of Children

Voices of Children helps children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine. Thanks to you, we provide psychological and psychosocial support to children. It helps them overcome the consequences of armed conflict and develop. Donate here.

International Medical Corps

The Los Angeles-based organization provides emergency relief to those struck by conflict, disaster, and disease. When an emergency has ended, the organization shifts its response to long-term medical support and training. The organization has been operating in eastern Ukraine since 2014, delivering primary healthcare and mental health services to communities affected by the ongoing conflict. Donate here.

Direct Relief

The Santa Barbara-based organization distributes donated medicine and medical supplies. Direct Relief has supplied Ukrainian healthcare providers with more than $27 million in medical aid. It recently sent a large shipment of diabetes supplies and is offering its Ukrainian partners IV fluids, antibiotics, medications for anesthesia, sutures, and cardiovascular medication, among others. Donate here.

Thanks to everyone for donating and helping out. For more ways to donate head here or here. Now, on with some links.

This week’s home tour is an incredible home renovation by the Novogratz pair. They did a gut-reno to an incredibly charming and historic Spanish home in the Bird Streets of the Hollywood Hills (THE DREAM). They leaned heavily on the modern, while keeping some traditional Spanish elements of the home, and all in all, it’s very beautiful. If you have Dwell+ here is an article that shows more before/afters. What do you think?

From Emily: My kids really like to be cozy (as represented previously by their obsession with their “cozy blankees“) so when I brought home this quarter zip 3 weeks ago Elliot immediately put it on and hasn’t taken it off. It’s not just fleece on the outside, but super soft on the inside so it’s like wearing a “cozy blankee” (I hate it when the inside has annoying seams or is just normal fabric). She also loves that there are thumb holes (like mine). I paid full price ($30) but it’s down to $17 now (we went for the light pink colorway). Not sure if it’s going to last years, but she sure is getting a lot of wear out of it right now (and with kids’ clothes, “lasting years” is often impossible anyway).

From Ryann: I finally bought myself a silk pillowcase and will never look back. In case you didn’t know, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is better for your skin and hair and prevents breakage. They are also just very comfortable and feel good on your skin. My only fear was a silk pillowcase doesn’t really go with my bedding but I came up with a solution. I simply keep that pillow in the closet until it’s time for bed! This way it stays clean and far away from my dog and his paws, too.

From Jess: I might be the last breast owner to have tried a sheer bra but now I am on the train. This bra from Target has been my gateway. It’s so pretty but simple and I just love it. I have the burgundy color but now want it in a couple of others:)

Also From Jess: One of my best friends, who was born in Ukraine, has been posting about some incredible organizations that support Ukrainians in this horrifying/extreme time of need. I know it’s easy to feel helpless but there are some ways we can all actively be of assistance. Here is a link to a comprehensive guide with direct links and here is an Instagram post with other great organizations to support. If you’ve been paying attention at all you know how dire this help is needed.

From Caitlin: I have finally discovered a product that lives up to the hype: these un-shreddable, un-snaggable, super sturdy sheer tights. There’s truly a fit for everyone – they carry footless styles, colors, high rise, semi-opaque options, and more. (My personal favorite is actually the polka dot sheer, which are currently more than 50% off. THEY’RE SO CUTE.) They’re more expensive than a regular pair of tights, but these puppies DO NOT RIP. I can’t wait to wear them for the rest of my winters, springs, and falls:)

Also From Caitlin: On Our Watch is an NPR podcast that lifts the curtain on internal police investigations in California. It’s pretty tough to listen to – I could only stomach an episode a day – but it’s a pretty extraordinary piece of journalism. Policing is a pretty polarizing topic, but there’s no “gotcha” angle here – just really insightful, heartbreaking, thorough reporting. Highly recommend.

From Mallory: A very simple $12 purchase has made my life at least 12% better on a daily basis. Maybe 20% even. We all have that one outlet that’s located in such a convenient spot that it gets used and it gets used HARD. I was tired of not having enough space to plug in Chase and my laptops, apple watches, and other random stuff that seems to always need charging at once so I went powerstrip hunting (wow that’s some real adult shit right there). And guess what? I found the one…the prettiest powerstrip I ever did see. I hate powerstrips that just dangle down from the outlet and lay on the floor, so this one is great because it holds all of your plugs up and off of the ground. It also lets you plug in up to 6 items at a time so no one’s fighting for the outlet anymore! Also, it says it’s a surge protector and UL listed so seems to be safe & I’ve been using it on the daily and I’m in love.

Opening Image Credit: Design by the Novogratz| Photo by Amy Neunsinger | via Tatler and Dwell+

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