The New Lulu And Georgia x Sarah Sherman Samuel Collection Will Give You Butterflies

5 years. That’s how long the new Sarah Sherman Samuel x Lulu and Georgia collection has been in the works and BOY was it worth the wait. I’ve always wondered how long it takes to develop lines like this –– the answer is that there’s a massive range of time (especially if you’re doing furniture vs textiles vs decor…obviously furniture takes the longest) but a collection this big also has to have massive thought put into it and how it all flows together.

After reading the interview Lulu and Georgia did with Sarah about the collection, it’s VERY clear that this was thoroughly thought out. Sarah describes the collection as being “collected” but not “matchy-matchy.” So, a lot of the pieces will have similar frames but different finishes. Things to make your space feel cohesive, but not like a store-bought set (love that). Also, something Sarah is known for that you can expect to see in the collection: curves and lots of ’em. There’s something that’s always so fun and eye-catching about Sarah’s designs and this line is truly no different. Alright enough jabber, we’ve picked 10 of our favorites so you can see for yourself:

It’s already getting hot and heavy. Look at the lines on this beauty! That pretty scalloped detail paired with those skinny iron legs tied together (almost literally) with that smokeshow pillow & strap detail. I mean, I’m turned on. I love the scallop furniture trend that’s happening SO much, and this piece totally reminds me of this UO sofa I’ve had my eye on for an eternity (only reason I haven’t bought either of these is because I have nowhere to put them).

This bed made me question everything I’ve ever known. THOSE BONES. I’m weirdly specific with how I like a bed. It’s gotta be upholstered (check), it must have legs to store stuff under it (check), and it also must have a headboard tall enough where if you sit up in bed your back has enough room to rest on the headboard and not the cold wall (also check). So it’s perfect? Yup. Plus I love a chubby upholstered leg and this one has FOUR.

I mean this is basically design porn at this point!! If you didn’t feel your heart pound by looking at this photo then I don’t know how we could be friends anymore (I’m just kidding, obviously, I know people have varying design styles but this one is exactly my taste). Look how chunky, fun but still comfy!! This collection is giving us the best of every single world and universe and I’m about ready to sell everything I own and refurnish with exclusively this!!!

Now for a baby chunky-legged coffee table. IMHO you can never have too many chunky legs on furniture pieces. Plus look at the texture on this boy. If I could fit a coffee table, you would be mine.

Checkerboard is back and better than ever in this collection (well according to gen-z design trends it’s been back for a hot minute) but think of this as your cool mom’s checkerboard. The irregularity in the pattern makes it more elevated plus the color choices are so sophisticated.

Ah, the chair everyone has been asking about since Sarah’s guest bathroom makeover came out…now it can finally be ours! I love how little and cute it is, plus more fun scallop detail! Yay!

Okay, I just wrote a post about how everyone is trying to get the fluted trend for cheaper by using this weird DIY product, but if you are ready to commit to buying a dope piece that won’t go out of style (in my opinion) then here is your gal. The quality on Lulu and Georgia pieces is so good and will truly last, so going for a neutral but textured piece like this is a longevity piece! Plus the curved sides and that hardware is making my heart pound it’s SO pretty.

More fun checkered patterns!!! There’s also a cool wallpaper version of this pattern that I’m in love with (and would look so cool with the sideboard above). A note Em once wrote in a post that I think about constantly is that she likes having pattern on the floor because when it’s at eye level (ie: a wallpaper) it can often get too loud & you can get sick of it faster. After she said that, I constantly think about how it’s fun to put pattern and color into a rug because you’ll probably be able to live with it longer & bring your space to life without going pattern overboard (if you’re worried about too much pattern like me).

Four MORE upholstered chunky legs!! This collection makes me so giddy. Plus I LOVE velvet in almost anything (here’s a case for it being the best and most durable material for your sofa that made me think the fabric in a new way too). I never ever want velvet to go out of style and I have a good feeling it won’t go anywhere anytime soon 🙂

Oh, do I love a sculptural dining chair. I think dining chairs are the most underrated pieces of furniture and people usually opt for more traditional/boring ones because of three reasons: cost, comfort, and availability. While these are certainly a splurge (so no, they don’t check the ‘cost’ box), they do have an upholstered seat and what seems like comfortable dimensions (I haven’t sat in it but from the looks of it, I bet these seats are very comfortable). Lastly, they’re not hard to find because if you’re reading this now they are right here! I always have a difficult time finding a stand-out dining chair that starts a conversation and isn’t generic, so if you have this problem too, take a gander at these. And lastly, you can mix and match dining chairs! Put these at the ends of your table and fill in the middle with some more cost-effective chairs if that’s an option for you. Just things to think about when sprucing up your dining space 🙂

So whaddya think? Do you like this collection as much as we do? Would love to chat about your favorite pieces in the comments. See ya down there! xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel and Lulu and Georgia | via Lulu and Georgia

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