These 9 Kitchen Trends Are Here to Stay

Comfort and connection in the kitchen have never been more essential. But with new appliances, layout ideas, and finishes debuting all the time, you may wonder what kitchen trends have staying power. So, what’s worth investing in? And what should you skip? Keep reading—here are nine key moves that pros would do well to buy into today, according to designers in the know.

The Return of Wood

“My clients are showing a lot more interest in wood cabinets and finishes,” shares Los Angeles–based designer Peti Lau, “specifically, really beautiful natural ash wood, which renders a rustic contemporary vibe.” Down-to-earth by nature but used in a more modern way, wood offers layers of luxury to the kitchen. “People are yearning for a sense of calm and for soothing palettes,” Lau says. Echoing that stance is Los Angeles design duo Cayley Lambur and Lucia Bartholomew of Electric Bowery: “Lots of texture and warmth is important in the kitchen. We are seeing less white and more richness in the overall palette. Whether that comes from a deeper, richer color to the wood, steering away from purely neutral palettes allows for a more personal approach to the kitchen.”

Mary Weatherford’s restored midcentury marvel, designed with Oliver M. Furth, features a neat all-wood kitchen.

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Little Details

“Kitchens are becoming as detailed as possible,” Los Angeles–based AD100 designer Brigette Romanek of Romanek Design Studio declares. “And that’s a good thing. Clients are making their kitchens personal, not necessarily in keeping with the famous triangle [layout between stove, sink, and refrigerator], but rather what works best for them.” The art of details often opens up the conversation to custom work. Lau adds, “I find that there are more customizable options for designers and clients to select different finishes for the appliances. There are more customizable façades and covers to choose from, and that’s what clients request most—functionality and customization for their daily routines. Details like coffee and juice bars are common.”

Make It a Double

Across the kitchen, designers are doubling up—whether it’s built-ins like islands or workhorse appliances.

Houston-based designer Nina Magon of Contour Interior Design sheds light on the double island craze. “This trend adds storage to your kitchen, and it provides more space to prepare food and entertain guests,” she says. With sleek sight lines and abundant counter space, double islands are the ultimate indulgence. “Double islands make a huge difference in kitchens and are the perfect gathering points,” Lau adds. “Having space for them—that’s the true luxury item.”

And it doesn’t end there. “At a minimum, current must-haves include oversized or multiple refrigerators, two dishwashers, and double ovens,” explains Judy Dunne of New York City–based design firm Butter and Eggs. “Post-pandemic, there’s a renewed enthusiasm for hosting and connecting with friends and family, and these appliances increase entertaining capacity and add convenience for cleanup.”

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