Whimsical Splurge or Save Home Finds

Today’s splurge or same home finds are whimsical and a little more feminine than my usual style of decor. I do love mixing feminine touches of florals and decor with my antiques and utilitarian home decor. Each week I share home decor dupes in this splurge or save blog series because everyone’s budget for home decor varies. If you would like to see past week’s splurge or save finds, click here [HERE] to view them all! Check out my whimsical splurge or save home finds below!


I love filling our home with bust statues, especially the modern take on them by making them into candles. Shop both splurge or save bust statue candles by clicking the images below:


I think the shape of these chandeliers is so unique and a great whimsical take on home decor. While they aren’t exactly alike, the prices are drastically different. The Dome chandelier is a great budget-friendly option. Shop both chandeliers by clicking the images below:


I love bringing real florals into our home but the constant care in order to prolong their life can often get forgotten. A solution to this is super realistic faux florals that you can arrange and forget. I love buying a few faux floral stems, adding water into a vase, and arranging them inside to give the full effect that they are real. Shop both faux roses by clicking the images below:


Another faux flower option that you can bring into your home now and enjoy season after season. This time it’s faux tulip bundles. Cozy Tip: Mix your real florals with faux floral to get a full arrangement. Shop both faux tulip bundles by clicking the images below:

How do you feel about adding whimsical home decor to your home occasionally? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. I hope that these splurge or save blog posts help you in your search for the best prices. Let me know if you need help finding any dupes. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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