Why a Pergola or Gazebo Will Increase the Value of Your Property

When it comes to
creating a beautiful backyard garden, a Pergola or Gazebo is the perfect design
element. I remember five years ago when my husband and I bought our family
house, we were looking for a home with a gazebo or enough space in the backyard
to build one. 

We understood
that we needed time and a place to rest, relax and catch our breathe once in a
while so having this space was very important to us. Well, it took us some time
but we finally found a home with the best space to build a gazebo, and within
our first month we had it up and checked off of our to-do list.

So why put up a
gazebo? Our choice of the gazebo came down to one specific thing – gazebos add
beauty and value to your property.  Understanding
why provides you with a great opportunity to increase the value of your home.
In this post, I have chosen to show you how a gazebo or pergola will add value
to your property.


Let’s cut to the
chase – the one thing that we can all agree on is that outdoor home
improvements actually tend to get much more use in warmer climates or during
the summer months. In areas such as California or Florida a pergola will be
used much more as we look for ways to escape and take shelter from the heat.

This means that
anyone who is looking for a home in warmer regions will be ready to spend more
on purchasing your home if you already have a gazebo or pergola. The structure
is likely to add additional value.


The cost of
putting up a gazebo or pergola will vary from location to location. The cost of
the materials will be different in Minnesota compared to California due to
different types of demand. 

Adding such home
improvements in high end property markets such as New York City will mean you
spend more but you will easily recoup the costs. It’s a great way to achieve
the best Return on Investment (ROI) in relation to the demand of such home structures
in a booming market by region and in terms of the installation cost versus


The style and
type of gazebo/pergola you choose can also determine the value added. There are
several types of gazebos and pergolas.

These types range
in size and design, and also the type of material used, and will affect the
cost of installation and maintenance. The cost of putting up a pergola will
vary depending on size, style and type of material used.

More durable
materials will add more value, style, and class.  Some of the most common gazebo and pergola
building materials are as follows:

  • Cedar
  • Teak
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum

Some common
pergola and gazebo designs are:

  • Pergola
    with retractable canopy
  • Pergolas with a pitched or
    gabled roof
  • Bayside panelized octagon
  • Open-topped pergolas (flat or
  • Penthouse cottage or garden

NOTE: Wooden pergolas
are some of the most sought after designs. They are aesthetically pleasing and
will blend in with any style of home, however they do require more maintenance
as time goes by – they may need to be resealed or repainted. Proper care and
maintenance will ensure a long, happy life span for your pergola. Wooden
options might cost more to purchase, but still have one of the best resale

Fiberglass and
aluminum on the other hand are strong, long lasting, and easy to maintain, but
they lack the beauty and style of cedar.


Keep in mind
that when it is time to sell your home, the value will be greatly determined by
how large the gazebo or pergola is. In many instances, it follows that the
larger the gazebo, the greater its appeal, and the more value it holds.

It is very
important to remember that the structure of the gazebo is properly scaled with
the other elements of the backyard, and that it blends well with the landscape
surrounding your home. Outdoor structures that have a unique appeal will add
character to outdoor spaces and structures like gazebos and  pergolas offer a lovely, romantic charm, and awesome
architectural interest.

Such styles,
when chosen with care to fit in your backyard will easily provide an appealing
look and great style. And remember, the more stylish your home is, the more
valuable it becomes.

Additional Tips

While outdoor
structures such as a gazebo or pergola don’t technically add to your home’s
total square footage, they provide a great functional outdoor getaway space for
you and your family to enjoy.

Many people
crave a quiet, peaceful retreat and are willing to pay for it. Properly fitting
the gazebo or pergola with the right furniture, music systems, lighting, and
any other entertainment extras you require will provide you with countless
hours of family time with your loved ones or a romantic evening with your

Considerations When Putting Up
a Gazebo

While you are
the only person who can decide if the new outdoor structure you want to install
is the right choice for you, it is important that you understand the other
implications that might arise. It is very important that you have a well
thought out plan and design.

To ensure a successful
project consider the following:

  • Determine your budget
  • Choose the style and design of
    your outdoor structure
  • Decide the best material for
    your area and design
  • Decide on the correct
  • Decide what you want to use the
    structure for and choose one to fit your needs

NOTE: Based on
your budget, style, and priorities, it’s a good idea to have a well-built
structure that will offer good value beyond simple enjoyment. This means that
it will add to the value of your property.

Regardless of
the gazebo style that you choose, having a beautiful outdoor structure in your
backyard will enhance not only your living space but also the value of your
property. It will encourage you and your family to spend more time together and
to enjoy the outdoors more often, and when the time to sell comes around, it
will boost your overall home property value. Make sure that you keep it in a
great shape so that it retains its original unique appeal and prospective
buyers will easily dream of get-togethers, summer barbecues, romantic nights
under the stars, and all sorts of entertaining ways to use the gazebo.

These additions make
homes more appealing, welcoming, and leave you with more usable outdoor space
to create the best atmosphere for your dream lifestyle.

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