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Pretty spring decor and art finds to brighten your home!

This is such a calming time of the year for me…the busyness of the holidays has passed, the house has been cleaned up and I make small changes to “lighten” up our home. 

I love the process of refreshing our spaces every new year! 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Big Lots over the past few months and sharing some of their beautiful decor and storage items. 

They’ve been one of my go-to home decor sources for a couple decades now — I always find pretty pieces there that I don’t see anywhere else. 

loved so many of their new spring decor items when I walked through the store last month.

Do you decorate for winter? I don’t — after the holidays I’m done with evergreens and anything snow related (even though it’s just starting around here!)  

Instead I prefer fresh touches that feel light and brighten up our wintery days. 

These finds do just that! I think you’ll love these pretty decor items as much as I do. 🙂 

I found this white pitcher (only $10!) and had to have it. It’s hard to pass up one with such pretty lines: 

A simple white pitcher with a great silhouette makes a perfect vase! 

tray decor on table

The wood garland is six feet long! I love the different shapes: 

wood bead garland in tray
kitchen decor on shelves

Big Lots has a lot of cute monogram decor right now — I added the wood beaded frame in our guest room: 

tray on dresser bedroom

One of my favorite finds was this “C” side table with a marble top: 

C table by sofa

They are made to slide over the arm of your couch or chair and provide a sturdy tabletop. 

Make sure to measure the height of your arm to see if it will fit!

We’ve used it both ways — tucked in and also just to the side of the sofa: 

brass marble skinny table

I love how skinny it is, but it’s still the perfect size to place a cup, plate or laptop on: 

skinny side C table brass

I found a couple of decor pieces for our bedroom as well. I have a nightly routine where I sit with our foot massager in this chair (#granny): 

ottoman with tray

I needed a tray to put all of my lotions and stuff, and this was the exact size I was looking for. 

blue tray with brass handles
I’ve been moving some things around in the house, and was on the lookout for something to go above our bed when I found this large floral artwork in the store: 
floral print above bed

I mean…it couldn’t have been more perfect! 

I just LOVE it. It has all of the colors in our bedroom:

blue coral green floral art

So pretty!

short four poster bed sconces

They have SO many beautiful finds in the store right now that will transition beautifully through the spring and summer. 

The colors, textures and designs aren’t overly spring “themed” and will work in our decor all year round easily! 🙂 

Do you incorporate some winter decor in your home or go straight to the lighter accents like me? 

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 This post is sponsored by Big Lots but all opinions are my own. 

I only work with companies I know, love and genuinely recommend to you. 

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